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One of the quickest and easiest ways to get started in Internet Marketing is with your own private label rights products. These are completely made instant information products that are created by one marketer but sold to you to use and profit from as your own. PLR products give you total freedom to change the product or customize it as you wish. The product creator maintains the copyright to the product but otherwise you gain the full rights to do almost anything you want with it and keep 100% of the proceeds for yourself. You are allowed to make changes to the text such as rewording the document by expanding some key points or summarizing or even completely removing ideas. You can translate the text into another language. You can even transpose the product into another format such as audio. You can even break the product down into an email series or several articles. Internet marketers love private label rights (PLR) products because they give you a tremendous head start on creating your own products that you can quickly make money from. You don’t have to spend weeks or even months creating products from scratch because PLR hand everything to you on a silver platter or go to Even with all of the freedom that you have with PLR products most internet marketers are still leaving a lot of money on the table because they miss the opportunity to maximize their sales.
The first step to getting the most out of the PLR products that you invest in is deciding that you will do something different that the hundreds of other marketers with the same products are not doing. You must be unique. Originality gives customers a good reason to purchase a product from you versus another marketer. Here are seven unique ways that you can set yourself apart from your competition and increase your bottom line selling private label rights products. Create Unique Packages You can create unique offers that cannot be found anywhere else online by adding newly released PLR products to your own existing material or by creating a different combination of PLR products that no one else has thought of. Original Article Content One of the benefits of PLR products is that you can break them down and rewrite them to come up with your own original articles. Post them to article directories, forums or bogs. You can even monetize them with Adsense or affiliate links. Custom Audio Products In our busy world, people really go for products that they can download to their computer or bipod and listen to while they do something else or take with them while they’re on the go. Use your favorite audio software to create MP3s and you may have a winner just because of the convenience. Check out Audio Acrobat for a super easy way to create your own streaming audios or MP3 files you can visit Expert Interviews with the Author Just purchased a PLR product on a hot marketing topic? A good way to really boost your sales is by doing an interview with the author or product creator. Interviews give you the opportunity to explore the topic further than may be offered in the product and answer any questions that customers may have about the product.
Customized for Specific Business Industries One of the best ways to sell PLR products is to break out of the Internet marketing niche and make your products relevant and customized to different industries. For instance, let’s say you offer a new PLR product on social networking or another hot marketing trend. You could make the product a hundred times more valuable by taking a couple of hours to provide additional information to business or career industries such as real estate agents, doctors, lawyers, consultants, etc. Your additional research adds value to the product and saves busy professionals the time and effort which could easily translate into more sales or higher price. Expand into an Email Course This is similar to the article marketing tip from the perspective of breaking down the products. However, now you want to preload a series of articles into an auto responder to create and your own unique email course. Be sure to add affiliate links to each lesson for added profits. Your Own Membership site a lot of marketers use PLR products to create membership sites. The problem is that they just dump everything into the membership site trying to sell their offer based on the quantity of items offered over the quality. A better approach would be to create a site that focuses on a particular niche and write your own reviews for each item. That would be a far more attractive and certainly a unique offer. Use any or all of these ideas to spark your creativity and boost your sales of private label rights items.

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