Mathematical Expert Advisor Software For Bigger Profits!

By: Vinod Kumar

I often see forex expert advisor software or forex robots, which claim they can make huge gains by applying complex mathematical algorithms, to make the user huge profits - but do they work and which are the best? Let's find out...

The first point to make is what has complex mathematics got to do with Forex Trading?

The answer is nothing at all - because forex markets do NOT move to science and certainties, they move only on probabilities. Some explanation will make this clearer and will show you why these so called expert systems always lose.

Consider this fact:

50 years ago 95% of traders lost and has the ratio changed today? The answer is no it hasn't.

This means that all the advances we have seen in computer processing power, Or go to forecasting and data speed, has made no difference to the ratio of winners.

Now we get astounded by the way science conquers problems in our lives and changes them for the better, in terms of - fighting disease, to transporting us around and this makes us feel that science and complexity, can conquer the Forex markets and make us more successful - but it can't and never will.

As we have just said, you cannot apply complexity and science to a market that is not scientific!

Keep in mind the ratio of winners to losers has not changed with the advances and that proves complexity and science, are of no help in terms of making you win.

Forex markets are the same as playing poker, you cannot ever guarantee you will win all the time - but if you trade the odds, you can win and make a lot of money, its not about being clever or perfection, its about making money.

In Forex, keeping it simple, gives you more chance of success, as a simple forex trading systems, are more robust in the face of brutal changing market conditions.

You may say - that's fine - but I have seen the track records of expert advisors and they make money.

No they don't!

The track records of most of the expert advisors are ridiculous, in terms of the profits they make and the only reason they make them is because the track record is not real, it's a back tested simulation! You can log on The vendor has all the price history and simulates backwards and buys and sells knowing where all the highs and lows are!

How hard is that?

Not very hard at all if you think about it, we can all be millionaires if we knew tomorrow's closing price today - but in real life we dont, we have to trade without knowing and that's far more difficult.

If you want to win at Forex - forget about science and complexity and think about simplicity and trading the odds and you will be on the right track to becoming a successful Forex trader.

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