Matching Prom Dresses with the Most Fabulous Fine Pearl Jewelry

By: Gen Wright

As an evening party draws close, you may begin to worry about which dress to wear. Even after picking on the ideal evening dress, you still have to worry about finding the perfect jewelry match for your beautiful dress.

Hey, we are talking about evening gowns here. So I know it's a special occasion for you, which is important and really means something to you. Let me guess. It's a prom? Classmates reunion? Going together in the church? Or a company new year party? Doesn't matter. The most important is that you want to look nice and elegant. Diamond is always an option, dazzling and luxury. But when it comes to a diamond jewelry piece that catches others' eyes dozens feets away, not everyone can afford it.

In this situation, perhaps you may want to consider wearing pearl jewelry. This is because pearls have a natural radiance on the surface that makes them look classy and elegant. The most precious pearls are those that are found in a natural environment. These pearls are very rare, hence they are more costly.

There are quite a few factors that together decide the value of a pearl: luster, thickness of the luster, cleanness of the surface, and size. The bigger the pearl, the more valuable it is. Also, the shape of the pearl matters as well. High quality pearls are perfectly round. Pearls with almost perfect surfaces are hard to find and thus valuable. A perfect surface is extremely smooth, you can actually use it as a mirror! A real fine and top quality pearl has very thick shine surface as well.

When it comes to types of pearls, there are fresh water pearls and sea pearls. Oh, forget to mention that wild natural pearls are really hard to find in the market (less than 0.5%) today since the cultivation of pearls was invented early 1900s. The reason? Cultured pearls are much much more affordable than wild pearls, yet they are just as shinny and lusterous. Only, they are bigger. China, Japan, Australia, and Tihitan are considered as the top production bases of pearls.

Pearls that are produced in China are usually cheaper. They are cheaper not because they are of inferior quality, but because they are produced in larger quantities. In each oyster pearl, it is not uncommon to find twenty to thirty pearls. You can easily buy large number of pearls at wholesale prices. The Japanese prefer quality over quantity. In Japan, each pearl oyster only carries one single pearl at any one time. The pearl is usually much larger in size, more radiant, and has a nicer shape. As you can see, there are a wide variety of pearls available in the market. Surely, there will be something that goes well with your evening gown.

Pearls can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. A dye can be applied to cultured pearls to achieve the desired colors. Colors can be white, black, gold, silver, cream, and so on. And because they are available in many different sizes, they can fit into almost any type of chain or ring to become a piece of pearl jewelry. Hence, you will be able to find pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl ear rings, and almost any kind of jewelry you can think of.

Pearl pieces are the kind of jewelry that make you look elegant and gracious while keeping a low profile. And pearl necklaces that are usually hand beaded with top quality pearls, in selected consistant sizes really shines. Luxury, elegant, femine, and yet at usually a fraction of the price of an alternative diamond piece. Pearl necklaces almost goes extremely well along with any formal dress, for any special occasion. That is prorablly why pearl jewelry is always a must in woman's jewelry boxes all over the world.

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