Marian Kraus’ Inspirational Gift Photography Book Strikes Chord With Nature Lovers

By: Toan Dinh

Are you a lover of nature? Do you gaze at the root of a tree and see an analogy to friendship rather than a brown lump rising from the earth? Does the sky’s ever-changing mood captivate you more than any reality television show could? If so, you think like photographer Marian Kraus, a man whose new book, Inspirationals, blends his photographic artistry with stirring (and sometimes initially enigmatic) writings.

Without a doubt, Kraus’s nature photography book was a long time in the making, as the author was led down a winding road to land in urban America. Born under communist rule in Czechoslovakia, his family moved to democratic West Germany in 1968. From there, he made his way through a business career that brought him to Chicago, Illinois. Eventually, his artistic leanings led him toward a career behind the camera lens and he found himself creating poetry… in still life form.

Inspirationals shares Kraus’ celebration of the human condition, most notably our experiences and the way we interact with the world around us. As he maintains in the forward to his outstanding nature photography book: “Through a series of bad breaks and misunderstandings, I learned that if nothing changes, nothing changes, and you cannot think your way into better living, but you have to live your way into better thinking… in the end, I came here looking for what I came her looking with.”

Throughout the course of Inspirationals, readers are greeted by Kraus’ exquisite images and words. Each image is accompanied by a thought; consequently, this is one inspirational photography book that is truly best enjoyed slowly… almost “sipped”, if that were possible to do with one’s eyes. Because there are so many layers of thought on each page, the reader may even be inclined to ruminate on what the natural photo means to him or her before going to the next photo and text.

Truly, Inspirationals isn’t meant to be a coffee table book that’s never picked up, never touched. Though beautiful on the inside and out, it’s much more than the sum of its parts. Not only does it bring to life shadows and flora, but it also paints with a broad philosophical brush. This is a nature photography book that’s meant to be taken from the bedroom to the living room to the den to the forest… and back again.

Of course, it’s also an exceptional gift photography book, especially for someone who can appreciate the natural world and how it affects human beings who are smart enough to listen to its whispers. Reasonably priced at just under $25 USD, it’s not only the perfect "stocking stuffer", but one of those presents that can be given to a casual colleague or intimate partner.

Inspirationals is also the ideal “thinking of you” gift for someone who’s experiencing a rocky life transition. It captures the essence of all that is simple and innately good, and for readers who contemplate its meaning, it has the power to uplift, educate and free the body, mind and soul.

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