Marian Kraus: Chicago’s Top Fine Arts And Commercial Photographer

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To the majority of individuals, the definition of a “picture” is quite simple – it’s a two-dimensional representation of an event, an object or a living being. Case closed. Yet true fine art photography embraces something beyond a merely flat image. When composed correctly and thoughtfully, a photograph can take on the character of much more than a mere copy of a time and place; it can truly be imbued with a soul.

For over a decade, Marian Kraus Photography has consistently elevated the standard in Chicago fine art photography and commercial photography. Keeping in mind that every image should be more than the sum of its parts, Marian has consistently produced award-winning, peer-recognized visuals that have a life and story of their own.

Such a commitment to raising the bar is a reflection of Marian’s deep-seeded passion to turn any work, even that of a Chicago commercial photography subject – a home, a loft, a business – into a creation that turns heads and stirs hearts. When a Marian Kraus photo is reprinted in the pages of an internationally-renowned publication, it is regularly met with accolades thanks to the dedication and honest intent of the artist.

True, some persons have been led to believe the widespread falsehood that all pictures are intrinsically the same – that fine art photographs and commercial photographs may be pretty, but cannot be thought-provoking. However, when it comes to the works of Marian Kraus Photography, this notion has been proven incorrect time and again. With Marian behind the lens, shots of nature, people and architecture are captured in their rawest, most stirring forms.

So can all fine art and commercial photographers learn this art? Yes… and no. Though anyone can pick up a camera and snap shots, possessing an intrinsic reverence for the art form of fine art photography can be learned only over time… and by only a few persons. For Marian, it was a natural evolution after a lifetime of chasing – and catching – muses.

If you’re in the market for Chicago fine art photography or commercial photography, you owe it to yourself to connect with Marian Kraus Photography for a consultation. Even if you haven’t completely decided whether or not to use Chicago fine art photographs or commercial photographs to benefit your family or business, a phone call can do no harm. In fact, it may just be the impetus for an amazing new marketing campaign or a gorgeous gift for your relatives.

And if you’re simply in the mood to purchase Chicago commercial photography or fine art photography to display in your residence, vacation home or workplace, Marian Kraus Photography sells reprints of his most memorable works as well.

Remember that “a picture may be worth one-thousand words”, but that adage only holds true for ordinary pictures. Marian Kraus’s fine art and commercial photography is extraordinary and beyond the measure of any society’s lexicon. See for yourself just how beautiful an artistically-composed photographic creation can be.

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