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Mardy Eger MLM legend, author, trainer, mentor and motivational teacher, has impacted the world with his cutting edge training and speaking. We recently caught up with him in New York at a master mind event, and needless to say, he captivated the 1500 plus standing room only crowd.
Mardy took the audience on an unforgettable journey that caused each individual to look closely at themselves, examine where they were in life, and challenged their intellect to propel them to where they really wanted to be. I must say that I was surprised at some point while he addressed the room to see persons of all ages, genders and economic status with tears in their eyes, with some who were full blown crying. Watching that movement take place then to laughter, and standing to make strong serious affirmations to succeed and accomplish that which we were set out and created to be, was incredible. I am paraphrasing much of this but that is the message I took home, and the experience was awesome.
Honestly I had never met Mardy Eger, never really heard of him until recently a few months ago, but I must say that my life and the lives of most of the folks in that room will never ever be the same again.
I being a thirty something male, not telling my age, but less than forty, but being at this point and stage in my life where I must really become serious about the choices, the decisions, and the direction I take in my life. Follow my passion and navigate a clear future for my two kids as well as my lovely wife, stop making excuses, finding a way and reason to validate my failures and lack of focus, and finally love life, live life, and with a strong purpose and desire to do just that and bring value not only in my life but to all those around me. It all hit home, and it hit hard.
I came home from this two day event, and in a couple weeks, my wife started mentioning to me that she saw a major change in me. Yeah, Iím still working, but my boss, a month after I returned, hinted to me that a raise is coming. I am so excited about the new me, the new environment that I have crated because of my contact and exposure to Mr. Mardy Eger. I am sincerely thankful.
I can recall after the event going up to him, shaking his hand and asking for his autograph in the book Id purchased, and honestly this guy is so humble at the same time awesome and a fire house while on stage.
All I can say and want to share with the world, Mardy Eger has changed my life and in less than 30 days I have seen my entire world change. I made pals with one of the guys there in New York at the event, and he shared with me how sales for his business started to spike and explode after applying the principals that Mardy taught at one session. I personally plan to attend any function he is speaking at as his lessons are life changing.

Author: Everett A Deleon
I recommend visiting Mardy Egerís site as well as attending a live event heíll be speaking at or ordering his books, seriously life changing.

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Mardy Eger

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