Marc J Bern Is Ready To Go To Bat for You in Court

By: Paul Justice

No one likes to get in automobile accidents. Not only are they scary but they are very dangerous too. There are more than 6 million automobile accidents every year with the numbers increasing as the population continues to increase. More than 100 people each day die in a car accident in the United States this number is incredibly high. To go along with that more than 3 million people are injured every year this also is a huge number considering that the average cost of a automobile accident with the cost of the automobile as well as medical costs can be around $5,000.

With the economy as poor as it is right now many people cannot afford to spend that much money on anything, especially not a car accident. This is why if you are in an automobile accident and you get injured or your car gets damages you should look to file a lawsuit with Marc J Bern. Marc J Bern is an attorney working out of New York City. Marc J Bern is one of the best lawyers at Napoli Bern Ripka, LLP, which is one of the best law practices in the country. They have had settlements for automobile accidents, which have exceeded 1 million dollars. They know what they are doing and they know how to get you what you deserve out of your accident.

There are many costs associated with automobile accidents whether but the two main costs are normally costs to repair the automobile as well as medical costs if anyone gets injured. This is also a very important time for people to have health insurance because if you do not have health insurance and get injured the costs can be very devastating compared to what they would be if you did. These are just additional costs that you will have to pay. If it was not your fault that you got in the accident you may be able to file a lawsuit with Marc J Bern and receive money not only to get your automobile fixed, but also if you have any injuries you may be able to receive money to pay for the medical services that you had done to you as a result of the accident. Not only will Marc J Bern help you get what you deserve but also he will talk you through the whole process first.

Napoli Bern Ripka, LLP is one of the best law practices in the country with some of the best credentials, they have worked with all different types of clients all over the country and canít wait to help you out with your case. No matter what type of case whether it is an automobile accident, medical malpractice, product liability, or something else Marc J Bern will be ready to help you.

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