Marble Thresholds in Bathrooms

By: Mel Joelle

With spring just around the corner, and spring cleaning making an appearance on your mental to do list, you might just be dreaming up a couple new improvements to implement soon. The bathroom is a great place to start renovations, because many homes have a spare bathroom that can be used while work is being done. Marble thresholds are quickly rising in popularity for bathroom renovations.

A full marble, Roman style bathroom is a dream of luxury and opulence for many, but it is not practical to install or maintain. For this reason, marble veneers are often used on tubs and tile. For those that want the luxury of a marble bathroom, however, a marble threshold can bring a touch of real elegance to a bathroom, without sacrificing cost efficiency, and practicality.

A marble threshold is a small touch that will be instantly visible in a renovated bathroom, especially if the color is striking. Real marble will be both noticeable, and will also provide a tactile experience. In a master bath, it is expected that users will be barefoot a majority of the time. This means that the cool sensation of a genuine marble threshold will be something that homeowners can experience every time they enter the room. With matching marble tile, or sinks, a marble threshold can also increase the value of a home.

Installing a marble threshold yourself is a fairly simple task and can save you up to 2/3 of the cost of having it done professionally. In terms of choosing the right threshold for your home aesthetically, you can go with a neutral color that matches your flooring, or you can choose a more modern alternative by picking a color which accents the color theme of the rest of the bathroom décor.

Regardless of the choice you make regarding your color palette, the most important part of choosing your threshold will be the size of the threshold you intend to install. Most marble thresholds sold in stores will be either 2 or 4 inches in width and ½ or ¾ inches thick. The length is usually either 30 or 36 inches. If your doorway does not fall into these size categories, it’s very important that you have the marble professionally cut, as cutting it yourself can be very tricky and can lead to the marble cracking. After you’ve gotten your threshold (found at most home improvement and tile stores online), you’ll need thin-set mastic and caulk for setting the threshold, a trowel, a straight edge and a utility knife.

From there, the technique is similar to laying tile. With these simple pointers, you should be on your way to adding beautiful detail to your home in no time.

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