Marble Floor Saddles

By: Mel Joelle

Just like a horse saddle is used to make a perfect fit between the horse and rider, a floor saddle has a similar function. A floor saddle makes a smooth, flawless transition from one room to another. Traditionally the saddle or threshold material for many years has been made from metal or wood. Over the years, designers and decorators are choosing marble stone pieces for a variety of reasons. The beauty, durability and unique look of marble are a few reasons.

Using natural stone flooring will always be unique. Since this material is a product of nature, the design, color and shades of the stones will be different. While no two pieces will appear the same, this is the beauty of natural stone. Even though the shades of color will blend with each other, the design within each piece of stone will be unique. The individual personality of each marble piece along with the shade blending of each piece of stone is what makes this marble so inviting.

Marble has been used for construction for thousands of years. Marble historically has an Italian feel to it. Maybe the Italians were among the first to understand the quality and value of marble used for any and every type of construction. From building pillars to night stand end tables, from statues to window trim, marble has so much functionality. Even though the cost of marble is higher than some other materials, overall it is a great value for the money.

When using marble for a floor saddle, sometimes the question is where does it stop and start. Should the marble start up against the door jam and end up against the opposite jam, or should the marble sit under the door frame with the appearance of no edge connection? Talking to a professional, either way would be appropriate. Both ways are acceptable methods of installation. If you choose a look where there is no connection, then the door frame would have to be undercut to allow the marble piece to pass beneath the door frame. This would require more precision to accomplish, if you prefer that particular style.

On the other hand, it would be totally appropriate to install the marble saddle without undercutting the door frame. You would simply cut the threshold to be captured between either side of the door frame. You would then caulk the ends of the threshold or saddle. This would create a "dam" to hold back a minor water incident from leaving the space. It all depends upon your carpentry skills and the finished look you are desire, as to which installation method you choose.

You can choose to install marble yourself, if you have the proper tools and skills needed. By using a professional installer, however, your end investment could be smaller. A cracked or broken piece of marble would have to be replaced, thereby causing more expense. Regardless of who installs your marble saddles, the qualities and characteristics of using marble are a great choice.

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