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A sport is referred to any activity that involves some kind of physical activity and has a set of laid down rules and has an element of competition present. Whether undertaken as a sport or exercise walking and running have been very popular throughout the ages and continues to be so. These not only provide exercise and fitness but also have other benefits like pleasure , satisfaction and a feeling of overall well-being.

The marathon has been seen to be a running or walking event that has been a sport for long now. It is believed to have got its name from the “Battle of Marathon” wherein the Greek soldier , Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to communicate the information regarding the defeat of the Persians. The marathon involves a distance of 42.195 kilometers and is a running event either on road (plain terrain) or through off road mountainous terrain. It is a sport that requires tremendous patience, regularity and fitness to stand above the rest. It requires a lot of training and professional help would go a long way in achieving success. It would also be good to have a heart rate monitor your heart your heart rates while training. Marathon is a sport that ensures fitness and tones several muscles in the body.

Jogging , is seen as a good option for people who find this as a stepping stone to make a start at running or for those who cannot really run those long miles. Jogging lets you have your desired exercise level at a slower pace. You can slowly increase your fitness levels and shift to the running track.

Nordic Walking is a form of walking but is walking with a difference. Nordic Walking may also be referred to as pole walking , ski walking or simply fitness walking. Nordic walking involves walking long distances with a modified version of the ski poles. Nordic walking is an excellent form of exercise as it involves the benefits of walking coupled with skiing to an extent. It exercises several muscles in the body and can provide tremendous benefits for the body. It is also suitable for people who have a back problem or a knee injury. The use of poles in Nordic walking helps provide support and transfer some weight to the pole which is thus less strenuous for the knee and back. Nordic walking exercises several more muscles (both of the upper body as well as the lower body) as compared to normal walking or jogging and thus can be very beneficial in terms of exercise. It is advisable to start Nordic Walking after receiving training from a specialist in the field.

Nordic walking helps to burn those extra calories faster without putting too much strain on the back or knees. Nordic walking as compared to normal walking requires specialised equipment. The standard poles used for Nordic walking would be about 70% the height of the person who would be using it. Nordic walking poles are made of special materials so that they can be of support while walking through the snow and ice.

Whether with the purpose of exercise or for the love of sport, marathon , jogging or Nordic walking can not only provide fitness but also an enjoyable activity that provides great pleasure. With several runs and marathons organised by several organisations there are a number of opportunities for anyone who is interested.

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