Many Institutes Taking Part in Federal Loan Modification Program Providing You with More Choice!

By: Lindsy Emery

You are looking at the Federal Loan Modification Program wondering if it is the right choice for you. The requirements that you have looked at seem reasonable and you fit them, and the benefits look great. So you might be wondering about the catch involved. There aren't any actually. What about the institutes involved?

There are many different financial institutes and banks taking part in this program. They may or may not be the company that you have your mortgage with, but they can actually take over the loan for you if you would like to participate in the system. One of the fairest components in this program is that all of the institutes have to go according to the same criteria and offer the same benefits. They cannot offer you more than what the government has written up just to add some competition. It is the rule of being accepted as an institute into the program that they must abide by what the government has stated.

In saying this you may not want to change institutes if that is what you would have to do, but even if you have a modification done to your loan with a bank, you will end up paying more because they will extend the payment term, they may or may not decrease the interest rate, but they certainly won't pay some of it for you, or take off chunks from your principle. So when you are thinking about it, look at the more economical sense and take the government's offer of assistance.

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