Manifesting Through Intention

By: Ron Knowles

When I was a young Petty Officer 3rd Class in the U.S. Navy after returning to our home-port in San Diego after a 6-month stay in Japan I told most of my Division shipmates, I intend to go back to Japan, live and work there. Most of them laughed at me. Little was known at that time about manifesting abundance or realizing ones dreams through the power of intention.
Before our ship left Yokosuka, (where we were a station ship) I also told my Japanese friends the same thing. I couldnt understand why they all smiled politely at me with doubt in their eyes. Most, Im sure, thought I was kidding myself. But I kept that intention alive.
Back home as a civilian I continued to visualize the sights, sounds and even tastes of Yokohama. I saw myself and friends going to all our favorite places and returning to my apartment afterward. So, after a year it came as no surprise when I ended up where I had been living in my mind all this time. I had the apartment of my visions and work, too. The power of intention was indeed powerful and working strongly in my life.
During my twelve year residency in Japan I met and married my Japanese wife. She bore me two beautiful AmerAsian children who are the love of my life. As wonderful as my life was I was still ignorant why the things in my life had come to pass. The power of intention had manifested my situation but I was to stay oblivious to its workings for some time to come.
Making a Job
Once back on American soil I found myself in need of a better-paying job. Looking through the Yellow Pages I was determined to find something that would satisfy the needs of my young family.
One of the Yellow Page ads was for an overhead door company. Not knowing what an overhead door was (being in the Navy meant it was a door on the ceiling) I was pretty confused. Curious, I called and asked the owner of the company what it really meant in civilian terms. He enlightened me about garage doors and roll-up doors and the light went off in my head. Then he asked why I had really called.
Candidly, I told him about the Yellow Pages and that I intended to find a good job by the end of the week. It turned out the man I was speaking to was the owner of the business. We talked for quite a while and he said he liked my attitude and determination. So, responding to my intention of finding a new job he invited me down to his office for an interview the same day.
While there my visualization habit kicked in and I could see myself wearing the same work uniform as the owner and the rest of the employees. I must have been sending out powerful vibes because although there really wasn't a position open at the time the boss created one and hired me on the spot.
Getting that job was really great and it's too bad that I didn't understand that the power of intention was instrumental in me getting it. The subject of intention and the Law of Attraction have inspired several authors to write detailed information on the subjects. I only wish I had recognized how I had been benefiting by them at that time.
Negative thinkers I've known have said my life is a concoction of coincidences. Fortunately I have learned the importance of the existence and the need for utilizing the power of intention and the law of attraction which has had and continues to have a great impact on my life. I read books on this subject, listen to CDs and watch videos continuously.
I'm going to continue working my Internet business from my northern Panama home and making it even more successful. I also intend to write more and help others attain their online goals. I'll enjoy the visits of friends and family and the sweet presence of my granddaughter who I love to play with. I definitely intend to be a good friend to people, an improved father to my kids and a better person overall.

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