Manage Remote Networks Easily with Advanced Task Scheduler Network Software

By: Mark Douglas

Nowadays, even the smallest of businesses may need to schedule multiple tasks for remote systems. A new software product, Advanced Task Scheduler - Network Edition, enables users to set times for specific tasks. Since many servers and other systems are often managed remotely, the ability to let simple tasks run automatically can be very useful.

The client server format of the software allows separation of client and server applications. Client application is used to create, view and manage scheduled tasks. Server application is installed as Windows Service and it performs the actual task scheduling. Client and server applications can be run on the same or different computers. Client application connects task scheduling server by TCP/IP protocol, making it possible to access embedded systems and network, terminal, and Web servers. Using a secure SSL connection, the number of clients linked to the server can be unlimited. The security of the setup means data cannot be seen by a third party. This makes the software ideal for any small business running Windows or Linux.

Installing task scheduling server application as Windows Service is another benefit, especially since the services are running even when the system is running without logged in users. This ability, plus the ability to create tasks that can run when there is no logged in users make Advanced Task Scheduler - Network Edition the perfect solution for network environments, where it is critical to schedule background tasks that run without interacting with user. In spite of fact that background tasks do not interact with user, they can interact with administrator by sending email messages or network alerts.

Many different actions can be performed remotely with Advanced Task Scheduler - Network Edition, including waking up computers or putting them into hibernation or standby. Using a series of control statements, users can configure the software to trigger tasks and shortcuts when necessary. Launching applications, scripts, batch files or services, opening documents, displaying messages or reminders, sending messages across the network, sending emails, playing alarm sounds, shutting down or restarting the system, closing down processes, handling network connections, performing regular and secure FTP and HTTP transfers are just a few examples of what can be accomplished. All of these tasks can be set up and scheduled for a remote system.

In addition to scheduling tasks by time, users can also schedule them to trigger by a certain system event. Tasks can also be configured to launch by keystroke, idle time, Internet connection status, log in, log out, application launch or close, file creation or modification and much more. For computer systems which have multiple user accounts on them, different tasks for different user accounts can be scheduled.

Compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems, Advanced Task Scheduler - Network Edition makes it easy to manage scheduled tasks on a remote server or network. It saves time and reduces stress, while enabling a business or any network process to run smoother. The software is available for all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8. Pay a visit to today to download a free evaluation version.

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Mark Douglas is a IT specialist with more than six years of well-honed experience in network administration and troubleshooting. He uses a task scheduler to maintain network infrastructure.

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