Male Menopause: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome Counterpart

By: Nelson Howe

Men are naturally anxious to reaching that point where testosterone level plunged downward, resulting to menís crisis called the male menopause or andropause in medicine. For them, this is a life-changing dilemma.

By the age 40, usually, men are into that transitional period. This will be indicated with signs such as irritability, easily stressed out and loses direction and passion for life. A turning point among men, andropause haunts men in more ways than one.

Three factors are said to cause this male menopause crisis. Testosterone fluctuation comes first. Testosterone or the male hormones gradually decreases its production as a man aged, and poor diet and exercise also triggers such reduction. Second, changes in brainís biochemistry decreases neurotransmitters supply thus causing an increase in negative emotions like anger, impatience and hostility. And third and most resolvable is the accession of stress level. This can be due to alcohol consumption or a psychological stress. How one handles this condition greatly affects in coping with it. Dealing male menopause with a positive outlook makes it bearable and certainly not that abhorrent as it is already labeled as such.

Most wives complained of changed attitudes with their husbandís characters turning from a Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, all compassions gone. The male menopause and Robert Louis Stevenson book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, have a common denominator.

The book narrated of a Dr. Jekyll in quest of splitting good from bad in man. Due to lack of support from friends and colleagues, he decided to do the test on his own self. He separated his own negative character transforming it to a Mr. Hyde. Thus, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were born. Mr. Hyde came to avenge those who were unsupportive and those who hurt Dr. Jekyll. Mr. Hyde was so evil stopping at nothing. Not even Dr. Jekyllís vain pursuit to control him was able to stop Mr. Hyde.

The same can be true of men as they enter the male menopause period. During andropause, men go through big changes. From the gentle Dr. Jekyll, they can wake up in the morning to being Mr. Hyde. The transition can be gradually slow or fast. Men on this stage are possible of overnight changes. As a man goes through the male menopause stage, he tends to be overly confused with a lot of things that used to be simpler before. He loses his self-worth and confidence. The transition period from the first adulthood to the second adulthood can be devastating for most men, the same with that of Dr. Jekyll with his effort in controlling Mr. Hyde.

A man just needs to be supported and understood at times of this crisis in his life. Male menopause not only affects a single aspect in a manís life but in every aspect of his being, including those around him, the people he loves. It is a period of mental and emotional stress. Not to mention the physical changes as well. Andropause is where men just want to be freed and abort old ways. Extra care, love and importance must be provided for them without questions and conditions. It is at this time that they need it most.

There may be treatments and therapies to aid men in dealing with male menopause, for a smoother transition for them. But the only best remedy is to shower them with so much patience, understanding, and love.

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