Making Money With Storage Auctions

By: Philip Duncan

Working for yourself through buying and selling things at a margin is a timeless and age old tradition among creative and imaginative entrepreneurs. The amount of money you make in this timeless profession is determined by your own creativity and your ingenuity. One of the least expensive ways to find things to sell is to buy from storage auctions.
There have been some serious treasures found in storage units. You see, when someone has stopped paying for their storage unit, the storage company has the legal right to sell it and try to regain some of the money they have lost due to non payment. That's where people just like yourself can profit by buying low and selling high.
Where can you locate these types of auctions? Nearly every major city and town in the country has at least one storage unit business, and most are just around the corner from you. These kinds of businesses can be found even in some of the smallest towns. In some of the larger areas, you will find many storage unit businesses having storage auctions where you can go and buy an entire unit for one low price.
You will only be able to take a quick peek into the unit before the auction, as they do not take the time to allow bidders to go through every bin or box. Don't let that deter you from attending and checking it out because even buying one of these units blindly can bring you big profits. There have been some amazing things found in storage units by bidders that won the auctions.
You will want to look in your phone book on online and find out where your local storage units are located and call to speak with the owner or manager and ask when they will have their next auction. That is how you find out where and when the storage auctions are being held. It is advisable to go to two or three and observe how it is done by others before trying to bid. Once you feel you have the basic idea, you will be ready to start bidding and winning storage auctions.
You will want to sort through the items you've won once you have them home so you can determine what is worth reselling and what needs to be thrown away. Once you have sorted through your winnings, you need to make an inventory of what you have. You can use several avenues for selling your items like the newspaper, online auctions and flea markets or swap meets. You never know what you will find and who will pay top dollar for what you have, and the right choice is based on the items you win.

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