Making Lures From Wood: How To Make A Bunch Of Duplicate Lures

By: Greg Vinall

Lots of craftsmen have had a crack at making their own lures, myself included. It is great fun and they catch fish at the very least as effectively as baits you can obtain at the tackle shop - even better in my view.

One of the wooden lure making questions that I am constantly asked is how I am able to clone my best hand made wooden lures to build hundreds of wooden lures that look and work the same. There is little that is more irritating than to make a brilliant lure that catches masses of fish without learning the best way to make more of the same. Once you lose your prized lure to a sharp rock, it is gone forever.

I learned in my early days that it is quite achievable to make perfect copies of your lures pretty effortlessly if you have got a procedure and stick to it, so during this brief article Iíll give you the framework of my lure cloning routine to help you copy as many of your own lures as you like.

1. Create templates for lures
I normally create lures for a specific purpose, so I begin by planning them on paper even before I start to put tools to wood. I draw an outline of how the lure will look from above and from side on. These guide me while I saw or power sand the preliminary profile from the lure blank. Once Iíve shaped a lure that Iím satsified with, I employ a profile gauge to make an outline of the cross-section. If you cut all of your lures using the exact same templates, you are well on the way to churning out duplicate lures.

2. Make lures in batches
Rather than making a lure from start to finish then starting on the following one, I batch my lure making. Prepare your wooden blanks simultaneously. And then cut out the side profiles on your wood blanks with your template. After that cut each of the top profiles and shape your fishing lure bodies. Then smooth them all. This route is not just quicker and extra effective, at every stage you can compare the one that you are making with the previous one and make they are are idenitcal prior to the following stage.

3. Carve accurately and deliberately.
The quickest way to build your own lures is moving unhurriedly. When you hurry you're more likely to make cuts deeper than you intend, or otherwise ruin your lure body in some way. Be sure to take the time and concentrate on to getting everything the same between lures. When you are carving lures, using plenty of delicate cuts is always preferable than removing larger pieces at a time.

4. Install the same parts
As a final point, you need to appreciate that when you modify any aspect of the approach, even if it seems a minor change, it is going to alter the final result. At times subtly, at other times very prfoundly. Always use the same wire for your throughwires, exactly the same bib material for the entire batch of lures, matching bib sizes and shapes, the same timber, the same hooks and rings throughout. Donít modify any aspect any time you intend your wooden fishing lures to be perfect replicates.

Abide by these straightforward rules and your going to discover it is easy to make a heap of identical lures!

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