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By: Maria Alvarez

As the time varies the 東急 ファッション are also changing drastically. Everybody needs a change and they need each day to be different from the other day. The most important festive day for Japanese is their New Year day. The Japanese New Year is celebrated from the first to the third of January. The major portion of the Japanese New Year day is the combination of グルメ and religion.

The main グルメ that is prepared and served is the おせち. Japanese おせち is a traditional グルメ consisting of seaグルメ and vegetable dishes. The vegetable dishes and seaグルメ in おせち have their own special meaning on celebrating the New Year. Japanese can buy the ready made おせち from the shops or make it by their own. The グルメ floors in the department stores are known as “depachika”.

The Japanese gift has another important part in Japanese New Year. The postcards for the New Year’s Day are a common gift that is shared among the families and friends. The New Year’s Day postcards are known as the Nengajo. The post offices in 東急 guaranteeing that the Nengajos are delivered on January 1st when it is mailed by mid-night of December

For the Japanese wedding, the traditional gift is the cash. And the term which is used for their sort of gift is Oshugi. The amount that you offer or expecting to give depends on the how deep the couples are to you. Other お歳暮 that is given for wedding is the bonsai tree, soup serving set complete with spoons, a daruma doll, a gift certificate to their favorite sushi restaurants and so on.

As we are experienced with the オンラインショッピング we know that the オンラインショッピング is much more inexpensive and effortless as compared to shopping in stores. While doing shopping via online we can save the fuel needed for the vehicle and there by the money for the fuel. We can purchase the goods of same quality in a much cheaper price than those sold in stores through online. This is because we are desirable to get more discounts and deals through online.

Amoung the numerous departmental stores in the Tokyo Corperation’s retail division 東急 Department Store is the top mast one.

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