Make the Golf Lob Shot Part of Your Arsenal

By: Jim O Connell

The golf lob shot may be a seldom used golf shot that requires regular practice to be able to perfect, but it may be an excellent precision shot for you. The golf shot works best whenever it is executed in the vicinity of the green (from about 50 yards in), when you would like the golf ball to get up instantly and land with modest roll. Although sand wedges could be employed for this golf shot, there are excellent lob wedges on the marketplace specifically intended to carry out this shot.
These are three distinct situation where the lob shot may successfully be employed:
1. There is a greenside bunker which is situated between you and the flag and you will need to play the shot over the bunker.
2. The flagstick is rather near the fringe which calls for virtually no roll of the golf ball. However, you may be too far from the green to putt the ball.
3. The putting green is situated at higher elevation than you, demanding a high pitch golf shot incorporating very little roll.
I'm going to impart a few ideas to perfect the lob golf shot:
1. When setting up for the golf lob shot, open up your foot position to your left of the target line and open the face for the club. Retain the majority of your weight (about two-thirds) forward throughout the entire golf swing. To promote higher trajectory, locate the ball forward in your stance.
2. As acknowledged earlier, a sand wedge can be used, but I prefer a 60 degree lob wedge.
3. To achieve the golf shot, hinge the wrist at the outset in the takeaway. By all means do not "sweep" the golf ball. Take the club head just to about the 9 o'clock point, keeping balance throughout. Keep the clubface open at impact. I personally use a solid grip for this golf shot, as I want to be confident the clubface will not remain too open so I'd "fluff" the shot.
4. The follow-through should conclude at the three o'clock spot. It is vital that you speed up down and through the golf ball at contact, as the shot can turn out to be a mess should the face of the golf club doesn't make first contact on the golf ball.
This is really a genuine finesse shot, and calls for practice not just to learn to execute it, but has to be practiced as a part of your off-course routine to always have your "feel" for this golf shot. In little time, you will discover the golf lob shot quite uncomplicated to perform and turn out to be an important part of your arsenal to help decrease your scores.

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As stated, the golf lob shot can be an invaluable tool to get up-and-down in problem areas around the green. You may want to check out the article on Pitching Wedge Loft, as well as the Golf Short Game for more information to improve your play around the green. Jim O'Connell is an avid golfer and writer living in London.

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