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By: John Gottshall..

You've heard it before: making an Internet marketing ebook isn't tough. You just have to stop sitting around and take action. In general, when it comes to writing Internet marketing ebooks, "taking action" generally refers to generating a messy, low-quality ebook in the shortest period of time possible. Additionally, in many cases, it means using outright or subtle plagiarism to speed up the process.

Once you've slopped together your sub-standard Internet marketing ebook, you can get started on a sales page. Remember, the objective of a sales page is to lie as much as is possible without writing something that could potentially get you thrown in jail. And once you've completed that sales page, you can start to spam forums and blogs with links to your ebook.

You've seen this all before. You know the tricks. And you've been told to do the same thing. You've been told that the only way to make money with ebooks is to churn them out quickly; and spam-market them in any venue you can find. Of course, everyone saying this will try to be more subtle; however, the prescriptions they give you more or less amount to the same thing.

I'm going to advocate that you do something entirely different. First, calm down. You aren't going to make $1,000,000 tonight, so stop creating fantasy business plans that involve you getting rich tomorrow. Second - once you've dampened your expectations - start thinking about how your unique set of knowledge and skills can benefit Internet marketers. Big sellers are big sellers for a reason: they know who wants what; and they deliver it to them. It makes selling a whole lot easier.

Thus, figuring out what people want is a great insertion point for you as an aspiring Internet marketing ebook writer. So what is it that people want? And how can you figure it out? Most people will tell you to look on Internet marketing forums for "hot topics." I don't suggest you do this. Instead, try this: think hard about the Internet marketing problem that gives you the most trouble. If something is giving you a lot of problems, it's probably also giving other people problems, too.

Next, get to work on your project. Using the "joint venture" idea, you could create a product that is titled "how I secured 5 top joint venture partners for a book that didn't exist yet." You could then go on to actually find those partners, explain the project - and then, once you were finished - create the book based on your joint venture partner-finding efforts. You could explain how you tracked down your partners and how you convinced them to partner with you. Once you've finished creating the document, you could download a free copy of Open Office, copy and paste it into a word processing document; edit and format it; and then hit the "PDF" icon.

Next, you will have to create a strong, compelling sales page for your ebook. This is another project in itself. I personally suggest getting some advice at the Success Doctor forums. Once you've completed your sales page, you will want to search around for a good place to sell. If you want to use affiliates, you should also start an account with Clickbank. You'll have to pay an initial $50 fee, but from there on, you (and your affiliates) will be able to use their link-creation and payment services - and that will help you to save a considerable amount of time.

Of course, you can always forego the Clickbank route and simply sell your products through Paypal. This will allow you to receive payment instantaneously and transfer it to your bank account in 3-4 business days. Once you've setup the sales page and the checkout button, you can start selling at places such as the WSO forum at Warrior Forum. But no matter what you decide is best, you should always try to work on a long term - rather than short term - strategy. Don't spam. Don't ignore rules. And, most importantly, don't create low quality products.

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