Make Yourself Feel Good With These Ways To Increase Height

By: Spencer L. Degenhart

Many people of short stature often feel left out, especially when it comes to getting the better jobs, promotions, and what not. This sad and unfortunate fact has prompted height-challenged individuals to seek various ways to increase height.
The good news is, there are a variety of methods and techniques that can help the body appear a lot taller than it actually is.
Some of these are:
Wear height-enhancing shoes-There are elevated shoes for both men and women. For men, there are height-enhancing shoes that can really flatter their height without giving away the fact that they are wearing height-enhancing shoes. Women have a much wider option when it comes to choosing and wearing elevated shoes. After all, elevated shoes like heels and clogs were made originally for women.
However, always remember to stick to decent-sized elevated shoes as these are more convenient and more comfortable to wear.
Wear height-flattering clothes-Avoid wearing one or more sizes larger than you original size and stay away from over-all patterns and loud designs. However trendy these may seem to be, for short people, these just don't help with height. To flatter a short persons' stature, solid colors as well as appropriate lengths and sizes will do the best job.
Wear a hairstyle that compliments your height-Short and small people do not look good on voluminous and long hair as these tend to hide their faces from view. For most small women, long and big locks only make them look much shorter. Similarly, short men should stick with short hair that does not cover their neck and face.
Stand proper posture-Short people blame their posture for the shortness of their height. It is good to note that by just standing in an erect posture, you can make your profile look taller. To support your back for better posture, you can also spend a few minutes every day in the gym to develop muscle strength in your upper body.
Regularly perform some breast strokes-Breast strokes can promote muscle elongation. This swimming style pulls the upper and lower body apart to the point where the body is stretched.
Get some backbone support-The proper alignment of the bones of the back has something to do with the height. To give it support can virtually fortify and maintain this alignment.
Get some nutrient supplementations-Calcium supplements, for example, can enhance bone strength and eventually growth, and should be a part of your daily diet. To know the appropriate combinations and amounts of height supplements, it is best to consult your doctor.
Make it a habit to stretch-That means every day, after you wake up and before you go to bed. As one of the ways to increase height, stretching exercises permanently enhance body height to as much as 3 inches as these elongate the muscles as well as improve muscle tone.

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