Make Your Own Subliminal Messages Using Subliminal Software

By: Trevor Johnson

You can make your own subliminal messages easily at home by using your computer and subliminal software. You can create subliminal messages on several different types of media including cds, mp3's, tapes and more. The message will be embedded into the music, sound or flash on the screen so that you do not notice it but your subconscious does.
Subliminal messages are only picked up by your subconscious mind, as your conscious mind does not notice them. However your subconscious is very powerful and tends to take all messages quite literally. As long as the subliminal message is not harmful then your subconscious will take action.
Subliminal advertising is illegal but you can create your own subliminal messages for personal use. It is possible to easily create your own subliminal mp3 of CD. When creating your message you need to always use the first person and the present tense. The message should always be positive. You want to focus on what you want to accomplish and attempt at all costs not to be negative.
To make your message become subliminal you will need a subliminal encoder and recording device. Many encoders can simply take a text written message and transform it into a subliminal message, you do not need a microphone. The subliminal message will then be sent on frequencies that will blend into your chosen background music. They also may be in a very high frequency that you may not be able to hear, but your subconscious does.
There are many subliminal message software available for online download and a few even give you a free trial before using. Besides adding the subliminal message to a music or voice recording you can have subliminal messages that flash on your computer or television screen.

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