Make Your Child’s Room Beautiful with Special Themed Curtains

By: Sarah Paul

A beautiful room is a welcoming sight for anyone – young or old. After a long day at work or after a busy day at school, most people take to their rooms for sanctuary. There are many elements that make a room pretty including the furniture, color and the curtains- among some of the things.

This is especially true for children’s rooms. Young boys and girls’ bedrooms are like a play field for parents who can decorate them by experimenting with different themes and colors. Curtains can instantly light up a room making it look lively depending on what they look like which includes design, patterns, color etc.

You may have lots of ideas for what you want for your child but lots of wonderful ideas can be contributed by your boy or girl. Discuss with your child what they would like their room to look like, decide on a theme and then add curtains that match the theme chosen. There are different themes for girls and for boys and this is where you can get really creative.

Themes for Girls
Young girls mostly prefer colors like pink, purple, white and most of themes for girls revolve around these colors with themes like flowers, cupcakes, butterflies, hearts, candy, dolls, fairies and many more. You can choose any of these themes and then decorate your daughter’s room with furniture and curtains that are cohesive with the theme and with each other.

Suppose you pick a butterfly theme; you can get curtains in pastel shades with butterflies printed on them. Similarly, you can even get bed sheets and other accessories. These are bound to liven up your little angel’s room and bring unprecedented joy to her.

Themes for Boys
Colors for boys’ rooms should be blues, reds, blacks etc and their themes are also different from what girls like. Some good themes for boys can be trains, sports, horses, cars, parachutes, Treasure Island, pirates, sailor, dogs, fighter jets etc.

There are already many such themed curtains and bed sets available in the market as these are popular themes with both the parents and children.
You can explore what the market has to offer by either going out or browsing online for many major curtain suppliers now have websites.
You can include your child in the design and selection process because their opinions might be valuable as well as providing for an opportunity to bond with your child.

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