Make Your Business More Memorable with Toll Free Vanity Numbers

By: Ricky Pattison

Have you ever seen a big business that you know very well and they had a toll free number that incorporated the letters of their name or brand? For example, Progressive auto insurance features an 11 letter name in a toll free number. It’s really easy to remember how to reach your insurance agent because you simply dial 1-800-PROGRESSIVE. This is a classic example of how well toll free vanity numbers can work. Not only can they help to market a product or service to new patrons, but to also secure that brand and image in the mind of patrons. Perhaps the best reason why one should consider adding toll free vanity numbers to their business’ image is because it works in a twofold effect: your customers can easily get a hold of your entity; and new customers can easily remember how to contact you if they require your services.

The Difference Between Regular and Toll Free Vanity Numbers
While all forms of toll free numbers are always beneficial to customers, toll free vanity numbers simply have the one-up on their less attractive “number” cousins. In fact, amongst the world of telephone numbers, toll free vanity numbers are the most highly sought after. They are like the commodity and gold of the phone number business. And that’s because they serve an integral role in marketing and branding, whereas other numbers are just, well, numbers.

How Toll Free Vanity Numbers Brand You to Your Customers
● Customers don’t have to try and remember your number any longer or worry about writing it down in a pinch.
● It makes you more easy to get a hold of.
● No long distance charges, which customers despise.
● Ups the level of customer service.
● Associates your brand and phone number in their memory.
● Helps them remember your brand name.
● Increases customer loyalty and retention as a result.
● Vastly improves brand recognition and makes your business more reputable.

People are Ten Times More Likely to Dial a Number They Can Remember
Here’s an interesting case study that you can try to see if toll free vanity numbers really do get the job done. Think of the last time that you needed to use a service, like to order pizza, or make a hotel reservation. Which number did you phone first? 1-800-PIZZA-HUT, or some random number that you were unable to recall or would have had to look up using the Internet, or worse, through a phone book? It’s far easy to call 1-800-PROGRESSIVE for insurance than it is to look up a different number. Imagine how easy to remember that your business could be in an number.

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