Make The Chateu Petrus Bordeaux Red Wine "Work For You - and your BUM"!

By: David Kellas

Resveratol is the world's newest anti-ageing suppliment.
The "Merlot Grape" - has an extremely high concentration of "Resveratol". Resveratol has been elite hollywood film stars secret weapon against ageing for many years. Finally, in 2009, the immense conentration of super-drug, anti-oxidising, anti-ageing, blood cleansing properties of the "Merlot Grape" where made available to the general public.
The Merlot Grape is Today the World's #1 choice of Resveratol.
The Now Famous Chateu Petrus Red Bordeaux (red Wine) is the leading source of "Resveratol" based alcohols available to mankind. Traditionally harvested prior to the season of winter to keep their ripeness. Merlot Grapes produced one of the world's finest red Bordeauxs of all time, the "Chateu Petrus Red, Vintageof 2005".
Leveraging the Resveratol anti-ageing technology. The Petrus Red range of alcohols have found new stardom. within the UK (United Kindom), intelligent consumers are now reportedly cleaning the shelves of this potent anti-ageing product.
The wine distilleries and cleaning up big-time, with reported earnings at $10,000 per 100 clientelle. The Petrus Red 2005 in the uk, today retails at well over ?4400.00 including VAT taxes. This has not hindered the demand, with wine cellars having to mass produce recent editions of the infamous Petrus Bordeaux range to prepare for the onterage' of willing purchasers.
The French people's passion for the Merlot Grape, Aptly Extended from the most well know region of France - "Bordeaux", Bordeaux was the province where the Merlot Grape grew most famous.
For centuries, scientists where astonished they could't work out why elderly Bordeaux Citizens wheren't ageing, inline with the rest of society.
It was not uncommon to find a 50 year old Bordeaux (French) man or "50 ans femme's" (meaning "50 year old women" pronounced something like treys ball fammes) that looked like a 25 Year old model.
Today I am here to inform you that "we've found it"! The secret is out, the Merlot Grape, directly responsible for causing high levels of ironic anti-oxidants within the bloodstream is reversing the ageing process by more than 20 years.

The transformation is not achieved overnight, with rich players, outlaying hefty funding to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of vitality. The average cheaper Bordeaux Merlot Red Petrus Wine will retail for around ?500.00. Background on the Anti-Agin process.
Steps Envolved:
Purchase A Chateu Petrus Red Bordeaux Red Win From Here.
drink the win sparingly, possibly around 30ml per day is reccomended (this allows the Resveratol to stay in your bloodstream for the longest period of time & achieve the best anti-ageing results for the "monetary hesitant user") Movie stars and high profile business executives should take approximately 100ml per day to achieve optimal effects. You'll notice that you feel slightly exasperated after 2-3 weeks on the program.
After two years of such treatment, your skin will be firmer, wrinkles will start to dissapear and your friends will ask you "what's your secret"?
About The Wine:
Chateu Petrus Red Bordeaux 2005 is a renowned anti-oxidant, the medical professiona has concede a glass of red win can be good for your health, taken once a night...
Let's delve further into this topic.
For the last ten years, heavy money has been put into researching the so called "Fountain of youth".
Scientists have concluded that drinking Petrus Red 2005 can boost your cario-vascular activity.
Petrus Red is one of the only 8 ways to reduce coronary heart disease (Drinking Red Wine).
The Merlot Grape has a cardioprotective characteristic with a high antioxidant concentration within the skin of the skin and seeds of the drinking grape.
These antioxidants (or Flavonoids) reduce a person's risk of corinary heart disease by; reducing production of what we call "low density lipoprotein" or "LDL cholesterol", commonly reffered to as "diseased cholesterol".
Petrus Red boosts your "high density lipoprotein" or "HDL cholesterol" levels, the "clean cholesterol".
Therefore "Merlot Grape Petrus Red Wines" reduce blood clotting and kill off "bacteria" within your bloodstream.
Similar effects can me felt after drinking 100% freshly squeezed lemon juice... However this does not anti-age your "old skin pigments".
Finally, drinking a glass of Petrus Red Bordeaux along with a meal may positively produce higher "lipid levels" (make you feel more relaxed and energetic at the same time) following food consumption.
Purchasing the famous "Chateau Petrus Red 2005 wine in the uk" (United Kingdom, England Etc) will set you back a mere ?3723.94 inc VAT at the "Chateux Online #1 Online Wine Celleries" - You can check it out Here.
Please bookmark this page to read more about the late breaking Resveratol advances as they occur.

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