Major Developments in Roof Wind Turbine Power

By: Luke Webber

New sustainable energy products and ideas are hitting the markets every day taking us closer to the time where the world will be completely self sustainable on renewable resources. One product which is booming and showing a lot of future potential is the roof wind turbine. These devices have been around for a while but with developments in technology they are really coming of age as efficient cheap energy sources.
Older roof wind turbine devices were very bulky, inefficient and limited in use. They were very difficult to install and expensive to the point of making their payback period ridiculously long. When considering the payback period of such a device you need to also take into consideration the installation and maintenance costs. The older roof wind turbines were costly to install and needed regular maintenance whereas the most modern ones can be installed by any good electrician and rarely need maintenance.
As a whole the small wind turbine industry is booming. It was up by about 70 percent last year on the year before. The roof wind turbine market is starting to push this even further as it is taking a larger market share. People are seeing the light literally. they are getting almost instant independence from the grid with a good roof wind turbine installed.
In terms of the pay back period of the latest roof wind turbine devices you are looking at about 5 years compared to up to 20 years for ones you would have bought 4 years ago.
The government currently has an incentive program for small scale wind power systems. You will get a 30 percent discount for a roof wind turbine with a capacity under 100 kilowatts. This is currently running until Dec. 31st 2016.
The latest models of wind turbines have eliminated the need for a tower to be erected to hold the devices as they now attached directly to your rooftop. This has gotten rid of two main problems. One being the need to get approval to erect a tower and the other reducing the costs dramatically as an expensive tower is not required.
The greatest advance in wind turbine technology has been the replacement of a gear and gearbox system. These systems required a wind of 7-8mph just to start the gears turning, obviously reducing efficiency. Almost a 25% reduction resulting from the initial power required as well as the loss of energy in the gear box. To replace the gear system modern engineers have used hubs and bearings and instead of a gear box magnets are used to generate electricity. New systems also boast greater wind acceptance scope as well as turbine blades which can easily be taken off and replaced in the event of damage.

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