Magnetic Sponsoring Review: The Beauty Inside These Two Words

By: Romy Rivera

It might already have come to your attention that nowadays new words have started to dominate in the network marketing industry. New terms that in a way tell you that the multilevel marketing industry has changed forever.


Here are some of the new terms that have practically become synonymous with the words MLM and network marketing: magnetic sponsoring and attraction marketing.

Nowadays you cannot talk about network marketing without going into the philosophy of attraction marketing. And the
best book to grasp this concept of attraction marketing keeps being Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.

So what's so good about this concept? and why are there so many people making such a big fuss about it?

To starters Mike Dillard found 2 great words to name his concept. Just think about the two words Magnetic and Sponsoring. Both words imply the dream come true of any network marketer: to become magnets and attract as many people as possible to their business opportunity.

No doubt the two words used clearly define what they mean. You automatically asume that by reading Magnetic Sponsoring you will learn to the steps to become like a magnet to others so you sponsor more and more distributors into your company.

But where lays the magic behind Magnetic Sponsoring?

It all starts with the author himself: Mike Dillard and how he successfully inspires his followers to become true leaders and start giving more value to their leads and prospects

It doesn't matter how good recruiter you have been or how good recruiter you think you can become, the bottom line is that with a concept like Magnetic Sponsoring we all can become top recruiters and our result will be directly
related to the amount of value we give.

You may be wondering as to what kind of value I'm talking about.

The value that only you have inside of you, the value that comes from your knowledge, life experiences and life philosophy. And here is where learning becomes crucial in Mike Dillard's theory, because without a permanent
attitude to continuous learning there is no knowledge to share.

You can defenetly transform your learning process into a teaching process for your leads and prospects. Hence it's of no importance or relevance if you do not have much experience just yet, because learning can make you an expert.

Summing up, the beauty of Magnetic Sponsoring is inside of YOU and the amount of personal value that you can give continously.

If you have not read this book yet, I think that regardless of the business you are in, it's important to read how you can become a magnet to your leads. With all the competition out there, it's the least you can do to survive in the current economy!

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Romy Rivera is a top internet marketer who has not only applied the philosophy of the Magnetic Sponsoring Training but who has also joined Mike Dillard's main business opportunity.

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