Magnesium May Treat Cluster Migraine Headaches

By: EileenDavies

Cluster migraines are quite possibly the worst type of migraines for someone to experience. They are also the most rare, only occurring in a few sufferers out of the millions. Typically for every 7 people that suffer from cluster migraines, 6 of them will be women. Cluster migraines were named as such because they occur in clusters that will last for several days, occur many times in a day, and are more painful than any other type of migraine.

The exact cause of cluster migraines is still not known, and therefore treatments have not been exact. There is, however, a suspected link between magnesium and cluster migraines. Information found by scientific studies has led to the belief that magnesium can provide some relief in the intensity of pain that is experienced during an episode and in some cases it has the potential to reduce the number of episodes experienced.

Although there will need to be more studies performed to provide more definitive results, the ones that have already been done have showed some helpful information. These studies showed that among all of the different types of migraines, the people with cluster migraines had the lowest levels of magnesium in their systems. For those who were given magnesium to treat their cluster migraines, the results showed that magnesium was indeed an effective treatment.

Modern medicine still has yet to catch up with the study results. Most doctors have no idea about these studies and how magnesium affects people who suffer from cluster migraines. You will most likely need to discuss the issue with your doctor and present any information that you have on the topic.

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