MLM Training- Most Networkers Never Receive Poper Marketing Training

By: Jordan Schultz

MLM training is sometimes the worst marketing education as far as marketing goes. In fact a lot of new MLM marketers never actually receive marketing training at all. Marketing is simply advertising yourself or your business to the right group of people that are looking for what you have to offer. A lot of network marketers are trained to talk to everyone that will pay attention to them. This is problematic that someone would waste their time marketing to someone who isnít even interested in what theyíre offering.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is marketing in such a way that only interested prospects are contacting you about joining your business opportunity. This is entirely opposite of what the normal MLM marketing plan was when the industry first arose, but it makes much more sense. Rather than wasting your time and money on people who have no interest in what youíre offering, you have to discover a way to attract your target market to you and your business. This method takes some exploration and planning, but your labors are much more efficient than the previous manner of MLM marketing.

You first have to discover who your target market must be, and that is going to depend on what company you have and what goods you offer. If youíre business is based around health products, your target market would be completely different from a business that sells make-up. Once you figure out who your target market is, you have to find a problem that your product or business can cure for that group of people. When you are able to pinpoint your target marketís problems and offer them a resolution with your products, you will begin to build a team and make sales.

Especially in internet marketing, Iíve found that the best target market is found in other network marketers. As I mentioned before, most network marketers are lacking proper marketing training, and being able to offer this vast group of people some marketing training, Iíve discovered their problem and offered a solution. The problem with most MLM training is that weíre taught to go after anyone and everyone to try and get them to join our company. This is like fighting an uphill battle and wasting a ton of time and effort on the wrong types of people.

Where can you find other network marketers?

Network marketers are very easy to find when it comes to the internet. With the explosion of social media all over the place, you can simply look for groups on any of the platforms relating to MLM or network marketing. There are even social media platforms designed just for business types such as Linkedin and Direct Matches. Another great place to find your target market would be in the forums. A forum is not only a great place for you to find your prospects and gain knowledge from other skilled marketers, but you can also begin to make a name for yourself online by taking part in the discussions and sharing some of your knowledge. The key to internet marketing is becoming a leader, sharing your wisdom with others, and getting them to follow you in your business.

Now that we know a few places to look for network marketers, we want to be able to offer them some quality content so that theyíll want to learn from us and follow us as our students. What kind of content can you share with others to make them want to follow you? The best stuff to share is simply marketing tips. Think about whatís working for your marketing, or what kinds of techniques others are effectively marketing with, and write an article about it. Share something as easy as certain websites to visit to get some training or tools. Inform your prospects about certain techniques that youíve tried that certainly do not work. Whatever kind of wisdom you can share with others that will be beneficial to them and their business is precisely what you want to be sharing.

Continue on with this practice of learning and sharing your wisdom with others and youíll grow a group of followers over time. Not all of these followers will want to work with you in your primary business opportunity, but enough of them will. You will also be able to offer certain affiliate products to your list of prospects, and because youíve been giving them valuable advice for some time now, they should confide in you enough to take your advice about a product that is working for you and your business. Affiliate sales will not be a vast portion of your overall earnings, but the commissions will be sufficient enough to keep you in the game longer. Making money off of your prospects that donít join your business is the difference between being an MLM representative, and an internet network marketer.

This method that Iíve just explained to you is called Attraction Marketing, and Iím sure youíve heard of it before. Attraction Marketing is how all of the big players are building their empires online. This process works for any kind of marketing that is done in the world today. Itís no different than getting a free sample of food at the grocery store, and then the sample lady directs you to the freezer where you can buy more of that product that you just enjoyed. In this same way, youíre sharing a sample of great content, and then youíre directing your prospects to a website where they can buy the full package. It works when it is implemented correctly, and if youíre not already using this practice for your business marketing, you should be.

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