MLM Tips: Do You Have The Right Jelly In Your Doughnut??

By: Sue Collier

I am reading a great book at the moment with some wonderful analogies! The book is called 'Dare to Dream and Work to Win' by Dr. Tom Barrett and one of my favourite chapters is when he talks about the 'jelly in our doughnuts'!! What the author is talking about is what is inside our heads. Having the wrong 'jelly' in our doughnut when we work in Network Marketing could hold us back.

You see if you were brought up by parents who constantly told you they loved you and respected you, and that you could do anything you wanted in this life and that you would be successful, your jelly is probably fine. Because you were brought up believing you were capable of doing anything!

On the other hand, if your parents always used scare tactics to make you work harder, your 'jelly' may not be so good. Tom Barrett tells us about a man who was always told that if he did not work harder at school he would 'end up digging holes' for a living. And that is exactly what he ended up doing, though he operated a digger, not a shovel! Because his Father gave him the wrong 'jelly', his core belief was that he was not capable of more.

He did eventually realise that he could do more and so he improved his life. He is now in Network Marketing! He has changed his beliefs and can now dream big dreams!

Because it is totally possible to change your 'jelly'!! You need to recognise the old thoughts and ways of thinking that have been instilled into you and change them. You need to replace any thoughts in your mind that are negative, such as 'I can't' or I'm not very good at'. So each time you catch yourself with a negative thought, pause and alter it to a positive one. Obviously it will take time; these thoughts have been in your head for years!

But in Network Marketing, you need to believe in yourself, and getting rid of negative thoughts is the first step in that. Network Marketing is a great leveller. Everyone starts from the same point. Self-limiting beliefs have no place in Network Marketing. Anyone can succeed in Network Marketing if they work hard at it, wherever they have come from!

However a successful business is not built overnight. Just like any other business, there is a learning curve. But if you work hard, learn alot and keep going, you can build up a wicked business. Unfortunately the majority of people give up before success comes. Even though they may have been only a stones throw from success.

How is the 'jelly' in your doughnut??

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