MLM Success: Your Recruiting and Prospecting Magic Formula

By: Dave Schlueter

I don't mean to sound like a raving lunatic but it may be the internet itself that is your greatest liability when it comes to your online MLM success.. You can spend all your productive hours of the day in unproductive pursuits of the next great training seminar, tool, or product launch online, guaranteed to boost your mlm success. Distraction, after distraction, after distraction comes your way as the hours that could have been usefull slowly slip away along with your MLM career. The truth is you'll never make any money doing that. The big secret is those activities and things don't make you money. The only way to guarantee you'll have success in this industry and make some money is to decide you'll do it. The responsibility rests on you and you only.

Let me explain…It is only you who can make the decision to become successful. You choose to succeed or you don't there is no maybe. There is no we'll see... When you jump you commit you don't jump halfway. You either do or you don't. If you make halfway decisions expect only halfway results. You've heard it before I'm sure..."there is no try only do" there are only those who succeed and those who quit in this industry. Everyday you wake up and make the choice.

You have to decide the marketing and recruiting system that ultimately suits you best and only you can make that choice. However, once you decide, grab on to it with both hands and stick with it until it pays off for you. Only you can decide which leader, which team, and which system is right for you and make the necessary commitment to yourself and to your business. Make the choice to learn that system, master that tool, absorb that training or whatever and apply it vigorously and consistently until you are achieving the results you desire from it. Don't overcomplicate your life and confuse your team by jumping ship mid journey to pursue other avenues. Take responsibility and claim your success.

That's the secret... It's in consistency, commitment, and a decision and it comes from within you not from the next great seminar training or product launch. It's what people want and it's been in your possession the whole time. It's an inside job... That's where the magic sprouts from. . Your business can only grow to the extent that you do. This is why personal development is such a vital part of The MLM Success Equation. Looking outside yourself for these answers is futlile. It can only end in a waste of resources including your time and money.

So am I trying to tell you that you don't need the right success training, MLM training, leadership, tools and system? No way, you absolutely have to have these things. Pick your team, your training, tools, and leadership then commit to stick with it. Use the system and marketing technique you've chosen and don't deviate from mastering it until you achieve MLM success with it. Power comes from focusing your energies in this fashion.

Light dispersed is nice for lighting up a room or adding ambiance. But light highly concentrated and focused at one specific point becomes a laser and capable of cutting through steel. If you want to cut through steel and bust out into the greater realm of MLM success and freedom then you need to laser focus your intent and directed activities.

Let me illustrate this for a moment. The MLM mentor I have to join and follow for my team truly understands this industry. He is connected with some of the greatest leaders and legends in the industry and he truly understands the business inside and out. When it comes to MLM and Online marketing the guy is a true Maveric and industry phenomenon. He is one of the top online producers in the industry. He is the top recruiter in our primary company and the number one recruiter in the number one attraction marketing system on the internet. His outside the box type thinking and servant leadership style allowed him to attain the position he is in today in just about 14 months. I keep my ears open when he speaks and I encourage my team to do the same. Wouldn't you if you had an industry Rock Star in your hip pocket? If you are on my team you do!

You have to understand that personal growth, success training, proper applied action, focused effort, momentum and a commitment to your goals, are fundamental building blocks of MLM success. You don't succeed without these things. For these reasons I chose him as a team captain or mentor teacher for my team. I knew he understood the mysteries of the success equation. I quickly realized he had the servant leadership style and commitment to team success and excellence that aligned with my own desire and values for the team to succeed and grow. I knew it was the perfect fit. It was clear that he would share his bounty of knowledge with the team we were building. I knew that I could immediatley plug my team into his credibility and training systems as soon as they came on board. And I realized that would free me up to concentrate on building my teams MLM success by teaching them personal growth and success training, which is something of my specialty. It brings added leverage and power to the system. .

This was the dynamic combination I was looking for. Plans like this are soundly grounded in principles of success proven to produce reliable results. And that's exactly what I was after. It's the type of MLM success plan you want to have for your growing business. I don't illustrate this plan from a place of arrogance but instead from a position of mentorship by laying out a highly leveraged plan to follow in the creation of your own MLM success blueprint.

Be like my MLM mentor and serve the industry and your team with a servants heart. Choose the tools, the leader, the marketing system, etc. that serves you and your vision for MLM success then commit to using that method and plan until you have success with it. Master the system you have chosen and then spread that success throughout your team. Duplicate the process and set it on autopilot. These are the things that MLM success is made of.

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