Luxury dog beds or timothy hay, buy what you need from online pet shop

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Our pets need a lot of care and attention. Little bit of indulgence can also make them full of joy and happiness. For your living pet dog there’s a range of exotic luxury dog beds designed and handcrafted especially for their comfort. For your furry little friends, timothy hay can be a great source of nutrition. Going from store to store, searching for what you need – do you dread this? Now, choosing a loving gift for your pet can be a less exhausting task if you know the right online pet store. Browse through their catalogues and select the products from the comfort of your home or office and have them delivered. This is without doubt the best way to get what your pets need.

Luxury abodes for your dog
There’s an amazing collection of luxury dog beds in store for a loving member of your family. Now they can sleep or rest in style or just enjoy the experience of having one of the luxury dog beds at their disposal. The sofa bed looks just like a miniature version of your regular lounge chair. The arm rests can be folded out. A straight bed with solid wood columns at either end, plush cushions with elevated legs ensures that your pet’s body gets full support.

Planning to buy a luxury dog bed that has a seaside appearance to it? You could get one with boat ribbing woodwork and soft fabrics, straight in appearance but can be folded with both ends, giving it a boat shape. Luxury dog beds are available in high quality timber and designed with different themes donning the cushions and fabrics including modern, seaside, functional, retro. Most of them can also be folded out into a different shape, suitable for sleeping or resting. You could get two of these luxury dog beds – one can stay at home and the other one can accompany your pooch on a family holiday. These beds are perfect for dogs of any size, small, medium or large.

Timothy hay - honey for small, herbivorous creatures
Whether your furry friend is a rabbit, guinea pig or a chinchilla, what they need to be in good shape is food. Right food in right amount keeps them healthy, active and maintains their chewing habit as well. Rich in fibre and low in protein and calcium, this hay can be fed as many times as needed throughout the day. It is free-choice hay meaning there are no restrictions to the quantity of timothy hay you can feed to your furry friends.

A number of Australian vets swear by the hay’s excellent nutritional value. It stimulates the digestive system and maintains the functioning of the urinary system as well. Among other benefits of feeding this to your little pets is that it’s closer to their natural feeding methods. To make this fun, you can turn it into a game by stuffing the hay into pet friendly toys, or keep in different parts of your house or the yard. There is only one place where both of these wonderful pet products – luxury dog beds and timothy hay - are available. It is at an online pet store.

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Online pet stores have a variety of luxury dog beds along with timothy hay and other food and accessories for your beloved pets.

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