Luxury Pyjamas – Officially Not An Oxymoron

By: Kris Smith

Luxury Pyjamas sound a great idea in principal but in reality can be pretty difficult to pin down. If anybody has ever done a survey on the top 10 things you’d really love for Christmas then luxury pyjama’s for women usually feature. And given that half the time it’s the men that are left to hunt them down the adventure becomes even more perilous. Where to buy them, what size, what should they be made of, are they meant to ‘go’ with anything else?

Where to buy luxury pyjama’s used to entail trawling the high street, and digging into the depths of departments stores to scrabble through their rails and see if by chance you can find something that isn’t covered in bows, puppy dogs, daisy buttons and frills. And that’s before you’ve worked out that the shape of the pyjama’s on display would suit a small conifer rather than the average sized women in the UK. Then you’ve got the problem of what they should be made of, brushed cotton with elasticated waists may suit your granny, and slinky silks are all well and good but if anyone has tried to prepare breakfast, answer the door to the postman, greet the odd in-law, and sleep all night without getting too hot/cold/twisted/flustered will know that slinky silk pj’s just aren’t that practical. The only choice for women being ‘comfy and frumpy’ or ‘sexy tonights the night’.

Thankfully there is a new sector emerging in the UK, that of luxury loungewear and with it swallowing up the beleagured pyjama market. This term loungewear is now setting a benchmark to the somewhat unloved area of sleepwear. It’s cool new cousin if you will. Clothing that can be worn inside and out, is ideal for sleeping and greeting the postman, and clothing that is made with a luxurious feel to it, without the impracticalities. So fabric that drape’s, that holds its shape, holds it colour, that feels wonderful to wear (and is a joy to wash). French jersey, luxury modal and the finest cashmere are signature fabrics being used by many leading designers in the field. The online luxury loungewear brand www(dot)pyjamaroom(dot)com/luxury-pyjamas/ are one of the new entrants into this market and taking the market by storm both in the UK and globally.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that this sector is growing, given that end user is becoming even more time poor, and thus even having the time to relax is becoming a luxury in itself. Couple this with the growing ‘cash poor’ feeling itself spreading to us all and the need to find versatile, multipurpose clothing that also feels luxurious (without the luxurious price tag) and it is no wonder that luxury pyjamas will become a must have not a nice to have. And what is more be very easy to find.

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Kris Smith has been writing about fashion for several years.>Luxury Pyjamas having been all the rage at the Milan Fashion Show amongst others. As the nights draw in, the recession bites and staying in becomes the new going out. For more information visit at -

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