Low carbohydrate dieting

By: Joe Golz

Low carbohydrate dieting has become fashionable in recent years especially since the Atkins diet became famous . Losing weight is a ambition for so many people and everybody is searching for the fast and simple mean to lose weight. Some people do not need to reduce weight at all but still get anxious over a few pounds. Others need to reduce weight for health reasons and may have one hundred pounds or more that they want to lose.

There are many different diets out there as well as low carbohydrate diets and the fact is that most of them will achieve weight loss if they are kept correctly. This does not mean always doing what the diet says , every moment of every day. What is more essential is how you take care with the unavoidable occasion when you eat too much or gorge on foods that are not on the plan. If you can write this off and return to the plan without giving yourself a hard time, you are likely to succeed. Everybody has those days , the important thing is to let them pass and accept them as just another effort on the way to a stable weight loss.

It is also important to find a diet that you can follow without effort. Low carbohydrate diets suit many people because the rules are quite plain . As the title suggests, the diet consists of avoiding or limiting foods that are high in carbohydrate. These include bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and other grains. Sugar is also (unfortunately) a carbohydrate. Once you understand this rule, it is a simple matter to choose dishes that stay away from them.

Most criticism of low carbohydrate dieting is based on the fact that the dieters will get most of their daily food from meat, dairy and other high fat products. This may lead to elevated cholesterol and other problems related toeating a lot of saturated fats. Medical advice is advised before starting this type of diet. Sometimes the weight loss is good in the early stages but people cannot manage the limitations in the longer term and start to deviate from the diet.

One of the troubles that many people have with low carbohydrate dieting is the elimination of bread and pasta. No more toast, spaghetti or pizza . Many of the foods that are the fastest to get ready are based on carbohydrates like burgers in their buns, fries, sandwiches, pasta and sauce. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are also high in carbohydrates. It is a fact that alcohol is usually restricted on any diet, because it is high in calories and very low in nutritional value, but low carbohydrate diets put particular emphasis on this.

Still there are a lot of foods that can be enjoyed on a low carbohydrate diet. If you are fond of meat you will enjoy the chance to consume beef, chicken and other animal products. The reputation of these diets is obvious from the length of time that they remain on the bestseller lists. It is just an issue of what suits you. Low carbohydrate dieting is good for many people.

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