Low Cost Mini Light Bar With Impressive Performance

By: Sunil Punjabi

A good quality mini light bar can be purchased for less than $200, without really compromising on the performance or its ability to withstand tough handling and bad weather. A great benefit of modern day mini light bars is that they are affordable and at the same time they are extremely effective. For example, there are mini bars which come with arrays of 5mm or 4mm LEDs, in all 4 directions which give you excellent 360-degree flexibility. The LEDs are encapsulated by using Lexan or clear polycarbonate domes which offer 3 benefits. They have smooth exteriors which makes maintenance and cleaning easy by preventing dust accumulation. Moreover, they don’t get easily yellowed and you wouldn’t have hot spots blocking off the light partially. The UV resistant domes also have wide angle capabilities which enhance the quality of the lighting.

A good quality mini light bar can also have dual coloured panels. This could be through arrays with alternate LEDs in different colours or with dual arrays in different colours. Some mini bars have split segments with dual colours. Pairs of colours such as red and blue, amber and green are used to make sure the mini bars are effective. The visibility of the lighting is greatly enhanced when you have multi-coloured flashes and with features like that a mini bar more than makes up for the smaller size. They are also portable which allows you to easily mount them on the roof of the vehicle, close to front grille or bumper or near the rear deck. Magnetic mounting can prove to be sufficient to mount the lighter mini bars which hardly measure more than 16 inches in length. Slimmer mini bars are less than couple of inches high.

Customisation is an advantage that is available with a mini light bar. There are mini bars with custom optics, made of multiple modules, each with 3 to 4 LEDs. You can pick and choose the colours for maximum effectiveness. Besides, you can also use different colours of lenses and filters to get the right kind of lighting. The encapsulation on mini bars gives you vibration and weather resistance which is important to protect the LEDs. A simple cigarette plug adapter is usually sufficient to turn the lights on and off. However, there are other switches for the intensity control and flash pattern operation of the mini bars.

It is possible to hard-wire a mini light bar into a switch box. It is also possible to customize or program the flashing of LEDs. You can also interconnect several mini bars or mini bars and dash and deck lights and make them flash in sync with each other for additional lighting. Water sealed units come with vehicle specific construction in some cases to make the installation, operation and upgrades easy. RFI foil cables are on offer to give you additional security in terms of the quality of the installation. Title 13 and RoHs compliant mini bars are reliable with their no hassle warranty and easy access to components.

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