Looking for the Big O?

By: Thomas Geter

If you've tried everything to loose weight and you're still where you were months ago, or, even worse, you've gained weight since you first began your battle of the bulge, then the big "O" is for you...the "O"nly answer is this... reduce calories and increase exercise. Sound cliche? It really, really is the answer you've been looking for.

With weight loss, there are many factors, however, if you were to break these down into the few that matter, the caloric intake and the energy output would be the alpha and the omega. With approximately 2800 calories equating one pound of body weight, you would essentially have to cut 5,600 calories per week to loose two pounds. According to the experts, this 8 pound average loss every month is the healthiest way to loose weight that will actually stay off. Add that to increasing your energy output (exercise), the recipe for long term weight loss is complete.

How in the world would you be able to cut that many calories from your diet? Once you've established an eating plan (whatever you do on a normal basis) it is often difficult to change those. The ingredients in South Africa's secret botanical cactus-type plant, Hoodia, found in Green Teas and other mineral supplements aid those looking to decrease caloric intake while increasing energy so that you have what it takes to exercise and burn off excess weight.

Endorsed by Oprah herself, (another big "O") Hoodia's properties of P57, which are 10,000 times more active than your body's sugar reserves, allow one to believe they are staying full longer. This staving off of hunger and having more energy to participate in fat burning exercising is the acme of weight loss. Even taking your daily routine and modifying it a little (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking to the corner grocery instead of instinctively driving the 1.8 miles round trip) can increase your activity level by up to 45%. That's good news for those who hate traditional forms of exercise in a gym environment.

With Hoodia Gordonii's ability to reduce your caloric intake by half, the miracle drug apparently has no side effects and, the claim is, that Hoodia will have you loosing up to ten pounds in two weeks.

Maybe this does work, but how long do these mega fast ways of loosing weight keep the weight off? The only true way to loose weight for life is to change your lifestyle. Incorporating higher fiber fruits and vegetables along with a sensible calorie intake for your weight and activity level are good starts. It has been said that something done for 21 days becomes a habit. If you are looking to loose weight, then adding in exercise to your daily routine must become a habit. Once it does, it'll be a part of your day that you look forward to. Consider it doing something just for yourself. Making sure that your commitments to everyone else are satisfied, don't you think it's time that you satisfy some things for yourself?

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