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By: Emily Butler

Thereíre several handy recommendations for citizens wanting to buy Fisheye Peleng 8mm concerning Peleng 8mm Specification which will help them make the right decision.
- The best focus for me can be in the range of f5.6-f16. When you choose Peleng 8 mm for 40D 400D diaphragm, remember to rotate it to a LOCK state. Because Fisheye Peleng 8/3.5 is a manual objective you have to realize the way to do it if you wish to have the best result with f8-11 adjustment
- Focus ring
Thereíre can be different copies of Peleng AF 8mm objective. Speaking about my lens, I like to set it at M (macro) adjustment and forget about focusing ring at all. So for me focus ring plays no part though Iím not sure about the rest of variations. You may picture short range items or remote ones objects that come up sharp more often than not. And thereís no need to get Focus Confirmation for Peleng 8mm Canon
- You probably realize that Fisheye Peleng 8mm Nicon possesses 180 degrees field of vision. So you need to keep in mind to place your tripod properly. The legs of your tripod shouldnít occur into shot
- Your own feet and body organs should also be out of shot. Itís rather simple to get some undesired fragment of the body or instrumentation into shot. So for the sake of good order attempt to imagine 180 degrees and walk out of there
- Circular Fisheye for Nikon lens cover used to be one of the items you really have to rack your brains over. Each new Circular Fisheye for Canon EOS lens has got some adhered to the inner part on the optics that preserves the optics. With the lapse of time, the plastic falls off. The cap would slide, travel and do everything so as you may scratch your objective. Up till now my graze does not impact pictures but that is to be seen later. Thus you may attempt to invent your own practice the way to have it at the site (comment: attaching the rubber to the god damn thing does not work very well, because in case you have to tie an objective you forfeit to put it on).
- I as a rule picture in AV position
How to shoot
- do not overlook FOV and elude getting into picture parts of your body and equipment unintentionally
- shoot from different prospects, think over different combinations, just walk across the road and push shutter not even glancing at viewfinder and evaluate the result
- youíll as well obtain very cool effects if you get concerned shooting geometrical objects. You may begin with forms and structures and pass to persons which are not too geometrical but as well likely to demonstrate what you are able to do
- I obtain the best pictures picturing in AV and RAW.
- Whole specification if utilized at f5.6-11 is rather nice
- Donít be afraid of manual Fisheye Peleng 8mm Canon 40D 5D 400D 350D lens, itís mush fun and experience
- I accounted I would not make use of the optics too frequently when I purchased it. And now about 20% of my photos are taken with it. You can use Fisheye Peleng 8mm f3.5 while picturing kids, mates, landscapes and night scenes (advice: you may set up bulb mode on your camera, for example, for 30 minutes.
Youíll observe some very beautiful 180 degrees star trails)
- Donít look in finder at times, fancy what the shot might look like, take it, bring it home and collate your expectations and outcome. You will be pleasingly surprised
- As usual attempt to have some fun with Fisheye Peleng 8/3.5

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