Looking For Innovative Graphic Design? Norfolk Has A Team Ready To Listen

By: William Penworthy

For a new angle on graphic design, Norfolk has a team of creative consultants who have helped a growing number of businesses and organisations see their own brand and marketing turned on its head. Creative graphic design is rather more than simply pretty pictures, and in the cut and thrust world of graphic marketing and brand image, being creative and visualising new directions, new angles and new ways of looking at things is critical.

When it comes to graphic design, Norfolk has been attracting a great deal of attention, with many large organisations and local companies now benefitting from the creative skills and imagination of a team of creative consultants who have an uncanny knack of being able to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes looking at things from a different point of view is essential to the survival and profitability of a company.

The old adage suggests that when viewing a glass of drink, a pessimist would refer to it as half empty, whereas an optimist would consider it half full. Perhaps a creative consultant might suggest that the glass was too big, and recommend launching a new range of more suitably sized glasses! In truth, creative consultants are the ideal people to help you see a new way of looking at your business and its marketing and advertising mediums.

It's all too easy to sit back and let your brand image and marketing methods continue in the same way they always have. Even if that means that they're not terribly successful. In order to boost visibility and brand awareness you might occasionally inject additional capital into the marketing budget, but this invariably results only in a case of 'more of the same', with the existing marketing methods and branding ideas being pushed harder.

But pushing harder isn't always the right answer. Sometimes if the door just simply won't budge, pushing harder is not the solution. Sometimes it may just be a case of pulling instead. And if your business is pushing, yet convinced you really are moving, then it may be worth just pausing for a moment to make sure it's not a revolving door that's resulting in all your effort doing little more than driving you in circles.

It's all a matter of perspective, and this is where creativity within areas of promotion and marketing is an essential part of effective graphic design. Norfolk based creative consultants Special Design Studio are well aware of this, but rather than forcing their own ideas, suggestions and views, they approach the concept of creative consultancy and creative graphic design rather differently.

For effective graphic design the values, principles and aims of the business have to come from the business itself. No graphic design company or creative consultant can march into the room and propose new ideas, perspectives and proposals without having this fundamental understanding first. It is only through close collaboration with the businesses and clients that consultants can discover new ideas and new opportunities.

Often what is required at these meetings is a catalyst, and often graphic design consultants act in this way, helping businesses and companies brainstorm a range of ideas and points of view, eventually arriving at a plan of action which will incorporate the values, principles and aims of the business whilst at the same time allowing the graphic designers to work with these ideas in ways which will be enormously beneficial.

But there's another aspect too - one often overlooked. Because ultimately for graphic design to be effective and successful it invariably has to also be simple. Logos and branding images which are too fancy, too complex or too detailed will not only be very quickly forgotten, but may confuse people as to the nature of the business, their aims or their principles.

It takes a great deal of skill and creativity to combine all of the elements of the business into a single, simple image, logo or design which will be just as effective. Of the most well known brands and logos in the world today, the more successful ones are often those with more memorable images or logos, and usually this is because the images are simple in design.

It is this ability to help businesses develop ideas in collaboration with creative consultants which has meant that for graphic design, Norfolk has been experiencing a surge in simple, effective and memorable business brands.

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