Look Hard for Your Divorce Attorney

By: Michelle Anne Jones

Looking for a competent divorce attorney in the middle of Maryland can be hard work. If you were only looking for a regular divorce attorney, then you do have any problem. Every state in America is teeming with attorneys, lawyers, and paralegals. But, to catch the most competent of the pac--now that is something worth sweating. Now, if you are thinking that you can sweat while waiting at home for some superhuman attorney to come, I believe you are up for a disappointment. In order to get the best, you first have to do your best in searching for the best.

You do understand me, don’t you? Yes, you can ask your cousin or your house cleaner or your driver or your bodyguard to go look for your divorce attorney. Of course, any of them can do that. However, only you know what capabilities and skills you are looking for in an attorney. We know that you can always give them a list. But if you want one of the best attorneys in the state, you have go and meet your candidates yourself and do a rational, unbiased evaluation. When you send someone else to do the job, he or she might fall into one of his or her prejudices. Maybe your girl cousin chooses this particular attorney because he is cute. Maybe your bodyguard chooses this other attorney because he feels intimidated and awed at the same time that he just decides to go with it.

Prejudice when selecting candidates does not help at all, especially when you are looking for the most ideal divorce attorney to represent you and your case in divorce court. What you need on your list are not biased opinions but logical, well-thought-of qualifications. It is all up to your specifications with regards to your case and your opponent who is obviously your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. Now, these qualifications should be specific to your case. If you make general qualifications, you will have a hard time sifting through your candidates later on.

Once you have found the divorce attorney you are looking for, do not (by any chance) let him or her go. He or she may be your only chance in winning your case and getting the most out of your failed marriage. How many divorce attorneys do you suppose live in Maryland who fit the qualification you have drafted? There may be more. There may be less. But, you see. That is the point. You will never know how many “right divorce attorneys” are out there unless you start searching again--which is, of course, a total waste of time and effort. The same time and effort you should have placed in the building of your case.

So, do yourself a favor and do not let that one go. You still do not know the wonders he or she can do to your case. You only have the checklist and the qualifications. You still do not know what your divorce attorney is capable of doing. Brush off all doubts, move forward, and win your case!

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