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By: Mel Joelle

Local radio stations suggest that radio advertising is a great way to advertise a business, but this is just not the case, especially for smaller businesses. The main reason is because the audience is not targeted. This means that most of the people listening to the radio at any given moment are not necessarily looking for what an advertiser is offering. This is a costly way to advertise even if the radio commercial does not cost a lot of money, because it does not bring more traffic to a website or more foot traffic into a brick and mortar store.

When people are “listening” to the radio, they are not really listening. The radio is on for background noise while these people are doing other things. This is the case even when their desired programs are on the air. Imagine how it must be when the commercials begin. Some people even decide to switch stations when the commercials start in order to avoid hearing them in the first place.

Two very popular times for people to listen to the radio are when they are driving to and from work. At these moments, people are not thinking about the great deal at the restaurant that is being advertised, for example. They are thinking about what they will be doing that day. When they are driving home, they may be thinking about what they will cook for dinner. At any rate, they are not concerning themselves with what is being sold on the radio.

Where are people looking when they are ready to purchase an item? The majority of people who inquire about products they want go to the internet. A full 51% of people, who eventually make purchases offline, will begin their searches for those items online, and most of these people, 70% to be exact, are looking for a business locally.

Optimum7 Local Boost is just the sort of enterprise that can help a local business advertise itself much better than it can with local radio advertising. As it has been determined that 70 % of the people will search for a local business online, the place to be is in a popular online local directory. Optimum7 Local Boost will place a business’ listing within the 12 most compatible local directories that will give them the most exposure. It also uses Opt Tags, a process that highlights the listing, to make it more noticeable within the directory.

In order to give a business content that can be returned in search engine results, Optimum7 Local Boost will submit one article per month to the article directories for their clients. When people search for the keyword that corresponds to the business, the article will show up in the results. From there, the customers will be able to follow the link to that business’ website.

Not all small businesses have websites, but this is not something they need to worry about. Optimum7 Local Boost will provide their clients with a website that has been optimized for the internet. This means that it has been created with the goal in mind of being on the first page of a search engine’s results.

Optimum7 Local Boost is a system that targets its clients’ advertising toward the people who are looking for them. It is a much better place to put one’s advertising dollars than in the local radio advertising market, because that audience is not targeted. The use of Optimum7 Local Boost means that potential consumers are looking for the local businesses, not the other way around. Signup for Optimum7 LocalBoost today!

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