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By: Mel Joelle

If you own or manage a business, your number one job is to keep the customers you have as well as to attract more business. After all, current customers can become former customers at the drop of a job or a move. You can, however, build a customer base with effective advertising. The key is to make your promotional efforts meet the eyes of potential customers. But how and where?
The advertising world isn’t what it was only a few years ago. With a few old stand-bys, businesses could count on advertising messages to reach customers. But with the development of the Internet, the old methods of traditional advertising are gone forever. Marketing mediums such the phone book, newspapers, television and radio do not work like they used to.

Quick. When was the last time you reached for a phone book to look for a product or service? And how many people can remember the sponsor of an ad when their need arises?

The obvious answer is the advertising method of the future: the Internet. But even with search engine optimization, how well does your promotional message really get to your potential customer with more and more users making use of the medium.

Now, you really do have an option that has proved itself time and time again, by giving your business a “boost,” with Optimum7.

When you have a list of names and numbers, but you want to emphasize one over the others, what do you do? You highlight the one you most want to remember, right? With Optimum 7, that’s exactly what you are doing with your Internet listing. Normally, if you want your listing on the Internet to be seen, you use submission services on local sites to make your ad the first anybody sees, but who has the time to write an ad that meets all of those criteria? Further, with so many others using the same technique, what are the chances that even with these submissions, your ad will appear among the first a customer sees? Now, with Optimum 7, you can not only have your ad be among the first that a customer sees on over 10 local directories, but there will be a colored tag that highlights your listing on the ad, making it stand out over the others.

Studies show that 71 percent of Internet users buy products and services after they consult with the results of their searches on the Internet. Further, after those users find a local product or service on the Internet, 82 percent of those will follow up their query with a phone call or email to purchase that item or service.

When was the last time you saw an ad in the newspaper or on the television or radio that gave you the name and phone number of a business just when you needed it most? Chances are good that if you did see an ad, you might have noted the name for when you needed it, but did that day ever come. Probably not. When you needed it, the name and phone number of the advertiser was a thing of the past.

Believe it or not, using the tags provided by Optimum7, you are literally meeting Internet users when and at the exact time where they are looking for you! What could be better than that? What could put your business name and number in front of customers more efficiently?

Literally, advertising is a matter of being there when and where the advertiser needs you or you’re out of business. With LocalBoost, you’re there when the need is there. Signup for Optimum7 LocalBoost today!

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