Livestock Scale

By: Mel Joelle

An accurate and animal-friendly livestock scale is essential for modern livestock farming. Farmers and animal care personnel need to know the weight of the animals they are responsible for in order to make sure that the animals remain healthy. In addition, the weight of an animal is often used to determine the correct dosage of medication, supplements and even the proper amount of feed necessary to maintain its optimal health.

Livestock scales are available for every type of animal, from the tiniest pets or poultry to giant steer. However, it is not just size and weight capacity that makes a good livestock scale. Some animals can be difficult to weigh because of their nature or the way their weight is distributed across their bodies. A livestock scale must therefore be made specifically to accommodate a specific type of animal. A scale that can accurately weigh a four hundred pound sow is not necessarily accurate for weighing the wool sheared from sheep.


All livestock scales should have an accurate digital readout that is easy to read and that displays the weight of the animal down to a suitable number of decimal places. A loss or gain of a few ounces in weight could very well signal a health or nutrition issue, even in the case of larger livestock.

Needless to say, animals can cause a great deal of wear and tear to the scales used to weigh them. The construction and quality of a scale is crucial. All parts should be as rustresistant and water resistant as possible, with the electronics and weighing element of the scale being protected from the damage that sharp claws or hooves can cause.

The animal should be comfortable during the weighing process and treated humanely. This means that the scale should not be too difficult for an animal to rest on, and any necessary restraints should not cause any pain or harm to the animal.

Since an animal is basically wild by nature, the design of the scale and its features must take into account that the animal will not always rest evenly on the scale no matter how hard its handlers try to position it. Features such as Weight Average and Hold make it easy to weigh even the most active and unruly young animals without risking injury to either the animal or animal handling personnel.

Finally, an accurate livestock scale maximizes the profits. Greater accuracy in monitoring weight means a greater return at the time of. When owners and managers can easily find out the accurate weight of each animal on their premises and track changes, corrections to diet and other factors can easily be tailored to each animal or group of animals as necessary. To find the livestock scale you need be sure to visit today!

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