Live chat services contribute to increased conversion

By: Larry Taggart

In this age of technology driven online sales it is surprising to see that nearly 60% consumers opt for once-a-week in-store purchase. Reasons that they have stated are one, they like to see the product physically; two, they would like to take the item immediately; three, they find it easier to return the item and four, they like to interact with the assistants in solving their queries. To counter these, online retailers have gone for live chat services or customer support chat to engage their customers.

Support software manufacturers have now extremely intelligent programs that fetch in information from raw data provided by the system. As a result of this once the software is installed the manufacturer also takes the responsibility of training the employees how to interact with their customers and how to use all the useful features of the software. It is very important for the agents to understand the common scenarios of their users so that they can provide the most effective solution. The software, on the other hand, analyzes transcripts of the previous conversations to bring out more insights so that the agent becomes capable to engage the customer and convert it into a sale.

Optimizing live chat conversations is also possible for mobile traffic. Most of the tech savvy users these days prefer to finish their online shopping while on the go. For them downloading the app and use it for purchase is quite easy. When you have an intelligent customer support chat software installed, it analyzes the data coming from a mobile devices because the user metrics are quite different. Like in-store shopping experience the assistance from the live chat agents have resulted in a greater customer satisfaction index. Software now save a customerís details, their previous purchase details, purchase patterns etc. For example, if a customer has used a retail website regularly the agent can now suggest items that they have purchased earlier and may need it again. Often such appropriate suggestions are appreciated by the customers. They feel well cared and come back to the retailer for future requirements.

A recent survey on the online retailers has revealed some facts that will establish the effectiveness of live chat services. It is observed by the retailer that nearly 92% live chat engagement happens before the buyer reaches the cart. So, this plays an important role in moving potential clients through the conversion funnel. For mobile audience, response time was nearly 70% faster with the help of live chat that ensured a much better customer experience.

Live chat services are the fastest way to help your buyers. The software have futuristic features and analyses moves backward and forward to make it as much appropriate as possible from the customerís point of view. Your agents can handle multiple chats that increases their efficiency and saves cost for the retailer. Live chat sales strategies can be optimized based on the analytics available from the customer support chat. With a combination of human chat agents and artificial intelligence-based applications maximize the efficiency of your online stores and in turn resulting in more profits.

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Live chat services or customer support chat is the closest to matching in-store experience for the customer.

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