Live Bait: What Is The Game Fish Food Pyramid? Details Here!

By: mark fleagle

If you want to be a successful live bait fisherman you need to understand the gamefish food pyramid. All kind of bait that is used for fishing that is natural to a game fishes environment has it's set place in the food pyramid and all live baits from the top of the pyramid to the bottom depend on each other to survive.!br>
For example for there to be an abundance of of say largemouth bass there would be need to be a abundance of plankton which is at the bottom of the food chain. You are probably wondering why. Well in order for a body of water to hold a good population of large mouth bass there needs to be a good of bait fish for the large mouth bass to feed on. Well live bait such as bait fish need to have a abundance of zooplankton, which feed on phytoplankton. Well I think you get the picture.
Actually there is some what of pecking order for the food pyramid. The pecking ordered is arranged by the number of pounds at each level of the pyramid. The lower the number of poundage the higher the live bait item is listed in the food pyramid. If one of these poundage number somehow gets out of whack, the whole food pyramid will suffer. The gamefish at the top of the pyramid need the live bait species of the bottom of the pyramid to survive. All species need to be be linked in harmony for the food pyramid to work efficiently.
For example for any food pyramid to have say 10lbs of a combination largemouth bass,pike, and walleye which would be at the very top of the pyramid there would need to be 100 lbs of small gamefish to feed on such as bluegill,yellow perch,small bass,small pike, and small walleye. The small gamefish would need to have 1,000 lbs of live bait such as bait fish. The baitfish could be made up a variety of live bait such as bluntnose minnows,shad,fathead minnows,rosy red minnows,creek chub,hornyhead chubs,blacknose dace,golden shiner,goldfish,white sucker, and madtoms or willowcats. These bait fish would need to have 10,000 lbs of zooplankton, and the zooplankton would have to have 100,00 lbs of phytoplankton. You can see know how those very large gamefish need the smallest of live baits to survive.
Well folks that concludes our article about a live bait We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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