Little Known Ways to Save Money in a Household

By: Garee Whereso

Are you feeling the pinch of the economic crisis that brought down multinational firms and companies on the brink of bankruptcy? Do you feel more money conscious now compared to last year? Are you worried that you might be laid off from your job and your dwindling savings may not be enough to cover your expenses until you can find a new job?
As what the financial analysts and economists have claimed in various television reports and newspaper interviews, the recession that the United States is experiencing right now rivals the Great Depression that occurred in the early 1920's. Things were so bad that inflation hit all people, regardless of social and economic status. If you want to avoid this drama and remain on the practical side of the situation, here are some tips to calm your feelings and put some peace in your heart. They are simple ways to save money in a household but they are highly effective.
Read on for the little known ways to save money in your household. These tips have been tested and proven by numerous people. Harness its power and see your purchasing power increase to greater heights.
First, take note of your electric consumption. This includes watching over all your electrical appliances. Since they contribute greatly to your electrical bill, it pays to be particular about their proper usage. Unplug them when they are not in use. Turning them off is good but if you fail to unplug them, they still use up a charge of electricity. Use compact fluorescent lights instead of incandescent lights. Clean your air conditioning system every two weeks or as necessary to avoid clumps of ice from forming, thereby resulting to a lower efficiency rate. Defrost your freezer in a regular manner. Make sure that the dishwasher load is full before using them. A half load will use the same amount of electricity as a full load.
Second, bring a list of important items to buy before driving towards the grocery store. Even a simple act like this will cut your expenses. How so? Well, instead of splurging on all the spontaneous purchases that has caught your eye, like a pack of chocolates, a fashion magazine and a small bottle of nail polish, you will be forced to stick on what's written in the list. Leaving the little boys and girls at home, along with a responsible adult or babysitter, will also prevent you from buying them products that are normally needed at that particular moment.
Buying in bulk will also slash down your expenditure to a new low. Be conscious of promotional offers like buy one-take one or buy a product and get the second one for half the price types. They are usually helpful in saving a few bucks.
Third, have fun spending time at home rather than outside. This includes nixing the weekly dinner at an expensive restaurant and having movie watching sprees every weekend. You may not notice it but they are seemingly low-cost expenses that will eventually result to a huge amount in the long run. Instead, cook a delicious dinner for your family and have fun playing monopoly, scrabble and other board games. You may also utilize your creativity to have a theme every Friday dinners so that it would still feel as if you are eating out.
Lastly, spend your cash instead of utilizing a credit card. This will prevent you from accumulating a huge debt and having to pay an exorbitant interest rate to the credit card companies.

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