Listen To The Gospel Which Has Evolved Over Years

By: James Rogla

Music is the creation of an artistic mind portraying his thought and feelings at the time the music is composed. It is an unbeatable expression of passion, emotions and faith and now the gospel is starting to become a branch of music to some extent. Following the trend and seeing its immensely growing popularity, gospel is now not only sung in churches but also in parties and on the live stage in front of millions of viewers. The gospel at Harlem is now one of the most amazingly popular newest forms of song where they artists make use of many different elements to convey their message to the masses. In this way not only the message of religion gets across, but it also amuses people and instead of the traditional hymns which now seemed too outdated it also has the power to attract crowds.

As the Harlem tours gospel revealed to the world, gospel is the creation of the African American churches in the late 1930ís. It did not gain popularity at once but these Afro Americans kept the practice going on. Today it has escaped the African American churches and has spread to all the churches all over the world. Now it is not just sung in the black churches of America and the other countries but it is also sung in the white churches. Its evolution is described when the black people were brought in America as slaves they were denied the right to pray. The black Christians started to sing the religious songs in their language as a disguise so that their captives would not know that they are actually praying to the God. Later on when these slaves were given the rights as citizens and they were allowed to build their own churches it was known that the gospel is in fact a religious song and the preaching of Jesus.

Gospel music is ever changing and it has evolved in several years. Now the gospel at Harlem has become so popular that people are flocking from all parts of the New York City to attend it and feel their faith elevated whenever they attend it. The amazing performance of the teen choir mesmerizes the people so much they forget to sit down but get on their feet and join in the chorus. The hour long presentation on a Tuesday is exciting and people look forward to attend it regularly every week.

When you are with the Harlem tours gospel you can never have a minute of boredom. The teen choir is none other than the famous group who first made their appearance on the 60 minutes program aired on CBS. Although the group was chosen instantly for the advanced rounds but they were not yet ready to win the crown. This did not shatter their hopes and faith in their talent. They got back to practicing and emerged as a better organized group of singers and became the 2012 season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice aired on NBC. The entire country recognized their talent and now they are the unbeatable singers of the Gospel in Harlem.

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