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By: Pal choudhary

The second thing is list building. And I'm going to go back to what I was talking about earlier with leverage. I'm going to try and draw you a little bit of a picture here, and let's just imagine that today, and every single day, we get one-hundred new visitors to our website. And granted, you may not be at that point yet, or your may be getting a thousand, but let's just use that as a number to make it easy.

If I'm doing some type of marketing that is allowing me to get one-hundred visitors to my website every single day; now if I just continue to do the same marketing and I don't build a list, for a long period of time, or for forever, theoretically, I'm going to continue to get one-hundred visitors to my website every single day.

However, with list building, rather--if instead of sending someone those one-hundred visitors to my sales page, if instead I send them to a squeeze page, where I can get perhaps half or more of those visitors to opt-in to my Opt-In email list by offering them some type of free giveaway, then each and every day I have an additional fifty people to whom I can mail an opportunity to go visit the same sales page that they might have gone to if I wasn't using a squeeze page.

Now, granted at first my traffic is actually going to be a little bit lower than traffic that actually goes to the sales page. For more details However, if I gather fifty new subscribers every single day, for, let's just say a one month period of time, now I've got fifteen hundred subscribers, each of whom has an opportunity to go visit my sales page on a daily basis.

Or a multiple number of sales pages on a daily basis. I, if I had to guess that the break even point in terms of the traffic that you might get to a sales page probably occurs somewhere forty-five days or sixty days after you begin what might have been coming in earlier. However, after that point, wherever it is--whether it's forty-five days or sixty days or even if that break-even point happens earlier, then I am able to send more traffic to sales pages, whether they're my sales pages or affiliate sales pages. I would have been able to send, had I continued to get one-hundred new visitors every single day.

So in this way I'm able to leverage my initial traffic. And at this point I generate around, one-hundred to one-hundred and fifty brand new unique visitors every single day. But, I have between six and seven-hundred visits to my sales pages every single day. So for right now my multiple is approximately five. For more details So I am able to leverage my one-hundred fifty unique visits into six, seven, sometimes even eight-hundred visits to sales pages every single day. That's something I couldn't do just if I relied on that first visit.

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