Limousine Service Jumps by Leaps and Bounds With GPS

By: Boruch Fishman

Ask Sam Tlecani the owner and chief driver of Pyramids Limo, a Denver Limousine company and he will tell you that the addition of a GPS automotive guidance system to his limousine fleet has been a great advance. Sam purchased a Garmin GPS system a year ago. Prior to that, he used map quest to plan out his routes. Using mapquest meant he had to go to the Internet and print out a maps quest guide, before each fare. If he was taking a passenger to a distant part of the state he had never seen, this could mean having to stop occasionally, to be sure he had taken the correct turn. Furthermore, if he was driving in traffic or at night, it was hard to read the instructions. And passengers in the back might be disturbed by the light, if he had to turn on the overhead to read the printout. {

Now all of those inconveniences are in the past. Sam's Garmin GPS gives all directions via voice commands. Once he has entered in the destination information, he never has to take his eyes off the road. The GPS system will instruct him before every turn off. The device also provides information about which routes are crowded and moving slow, so Sam can chose to take a different course in route. |Now with the Garman, all those inconveniences are in the past. Sam only has to input a destination and the Garmin gives out driving instructions through a series of voice prompts. Sam never has to take his eyes off the road to know where he's going. And he never has to ask passengers for directions. } The trip is smooth and interruptions a thing of the past. Suffice it to say that not only the drivers love it , but the passengers love it as well. {

How does the GPS system work? The system utilizes a network of 24 satellites in orbit around the earth. |The GPS system is based on a network of 24 satellites in continual orbit around the earth. } The service is free to use, and the only start up cost is the purchase price of the equipment. Sam bought his system a year ago, and has used it, cost free, for a year now. Positioning of the GPS is based on the ancient system of triangulation. Once the GPS is switched on, it quickly locks in to 4 satellites. Each satellite beams a signal to the limousine, which is reflected back to the satellite. The satellites compare the time it takes for the signal to return, and thus calculates the distance of the limousine from the satellites. By comparing the different distances of the limousine to the 4 satellites, the network can extrapolate the exact location of the limousine to within 15 meters. With 4 ships, it is even possible to determine the height of the limousine's position.

Ask Sam Tlecani, and he will tell you that GPS, is a modern innovation that has made a vast improvement in the quality of limousine service.

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