Lightload Towels Are Great Survival Tools

By: Sallie Stone

Survival planning is an essential part of planning any trip or mission. It is necessary to plan for contingencies where one might have to survive in an inhospitable terrain with nothing but a survival kit, or in some cases, nothing at all. One needs to plan and pack a survival kit for all the times that he or she plans to go on a trip that is far from civilization. One should also never venture out without taking basic survival stuff to places where help might take some time reaching if something goes wrong.

Everything that goes into your survival kit should be essential, multi purpose and adaptable. The US military, air force and navy design survival kits for officers and men who undertake missions where they might need survival tools. One great survival tool that will benefit the military and anyone else who plans to put together a survival kit are Lightload Towels. These towels are as small as a hockey puck when folded, weigh all of half an ounce and measure anywhere between 12x24 inches to 36x60 inches. Apart from this, they serve multiple purposes as a survival tool with some of the main ones being:

Lighting A Fire: Lighting a fire is one of the most important things that one needs to do in order to survive in inhospitable terrain. A fire does not only provide necessary body heat in a low temperature zone, it also keeps animals and other predators away from you in a jungle. Then again, lighting a fire is the only way to signal for help in the dark. Lightload Towels are made out of 100% cellulose. They are packed in watertight packs that help them remain dry in the wettest of situations and are so small that you can easily carry a couple in your pocket since they fold to the size of a quarter. Lightload Towels can be as inconspicuous as pocket change, but in a life and death situation, these things will be priceless.

Harnessing Drinking Water: Lightload Towels are made out of 100% cellulose and absorb more water than a regular cotton towel. These towels can help you harness rainwater or dew when there is no water reservoir in sight.

Creating Shelter: The first thing that you need to do to survive in rough terrain is to find or create a shelter. Lightload Towels are available in full beach sized versions (36x60 inches) and a couple of these can help provide a temporary shelter in dry weather. Since they are so compact, they can be stored in your survival kit when you do not have the space to pack anything else for creating a shelter.

Treating Injuries: Dry, sealed and sanitized Lightload Towels can be used for first aid treatments. They take lesser space than gauze and are multipurpose.

Signaling: In case you are caught in a situation where you do not have a signaling device like a mirror or flares, Lightload Towels can come to your aid by acting as a signaling device that will help your rescuers find you.

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