Light bar LED Models that are Bound to Impress

By: Sunil Punjabi

If you are trying to pick an excellent emergency vehicle light bar LEDmodels are beyond doubt the most efficient as well as the most economical. These save money not only through on-going maintenance costs but also by lowering energy consumption. LEDs are certified to operate for more than 20,000 hours ensuring that they can be used for a long time. You will come across a large number of models, with LEDs in different shapes, sizes and power consumption ratings which you can pick and choose based on your own requirement and preferences.

When you purchase a light bar LEDTIR or total internal reflection is one thing you should look for. This way you can be assured you will get the best out of these lights. Light house optics technology used with Gen IV ultra-bright LEDs provide high quality lighting which can be perceived easily from a long distance. The super bright 5W, 10mm LEDs can be stacked in dozens depending upon how much lighting is required. Through wide angle optics and optic spreading filters it is possible to make sure that you get both horizontal as well as vertical coverage to the greatest possible extent.

For a good light bar LEDtake down lights, rear facing strobe heads, double or single alley lights and single or double rear and front work lamps are all important components. These make sure that you have extended lighting coverage in all possible directions. Front, corner and rear facing strobe light heads provide 360-degree vision which turns out to be useful when you have to send a warning signal in several different directions. Moreover, in advanced light bars it is quite possible to control the lighting in individual light heads facing different directions. In other words, there is front, rear and all bar operational control which gives you more flexibility in terms of which lights you want to operate and with what intensity.

If you are looking for a high quality light bar LEDmodels offer you a lot across different budgets. For example, you will get excellent mini bars costing under $200. You will also get full length light bars costing more than $2000. Furthermore, there are interesting features like intensity dimmers and cruise mode lighting control which will allow you to vary the lighting intensity and brightness to conserve energy. For rescue and search missions, you might need intensive focused beams. On the other hand for a warning signal you need penetrative but wide angle beams especially if there is no fixed direction in which you have to send the alerting signal.

To make the most of a light bar LEDmodels have colourful lenses and filters. The coloured lenses enhance the number of permutations and combinations in which the lighting is flashed. Apart from 360-degree vision, some have ring halo modules for a more efficient warning signal. Split segment modules and illuminated halo modules provide better lighting effects which can be of great use during emergencies. Dual colour modules are also used in some scenarios for additional effect.

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