Light Bar Police Vehicles Find Extremely Useful

By: Sunil Punjabi

Light bar police vehicles make use of are usually laced with functions that could be of great help during emergency situations. The LED light bar is reliable no doubt, because of its external, light weight chassis that can resist heavy duty usage as well as high impact. Even more importantly, the design and construction of the light bar allows its usage in adverse conditions for long hours. It is quite easy to repair or replace individual components as well to make sure that the light bar doesn’t end up non-functional because of one faulty part. The modular design that allows easy access to all the components combined with the slim design makes light bars efficient and effective.

Light bar police vehicles can depend on, come with 5mm LEDs stacked together in arrays providing thousands of lumen in lighting output with power consumption the lowest amongst all contemporary alternatives. The light bars which are designed and built as per standard regulations and recommendations, usually come with 2 to 5 years no hassle warranty that is extremely useful from a service, upgrade and reinstallation point of view. Sometimes the warranty also includes spare part replacement.

Light bar police vehicles can use during emergencies, can be mounted in many different ways. You can use Velcro discs or straps, stainless steel straps, swivel or bail brackets or even double sided tape. Mounting screws and clips are provided along with the kit for easy installation. Intelligent controls are also provided in advanced light bars for maximum output and optimum usage. In other words, you can vary different parameters to make sure you receive the best possible results. The material which could be of high impact, thermally efficient plastic or high pressure resistant, die- casting aluminium can withstand tough conditions.

Light bar police vehicles could find great use of, sometimes come with multiple coloured LED modules. These modules have two stacks of different coloured LEDs like red and blue, amber and green, etc. Sometimes, there are 4 LEDs of each colour in one module. There are split centre section modules which have the same coloured LEDs on both sides and LEDs of a different colour in the centre section. The split array arrangement of the LEDs makes them efficient and provides more intense lighting without consuming too much space.

Light bar police vehicles use, comprise of other light heads apart from the regular LED modules. These include work lamps, double alley lights, takedowns and sometimes rotator strobes. All these prove to be of great use in different scenarios. Similarly, the controller panel allows you to individually operate these components. You can also synchronize their flashing to create a powerful warning signal. Tested under rigorous conditions, including during the daylight to see their effectiveness, these light bars with front, corner and rear facing lights can be helpful in all kinds of situations. The wide angle optics provides greater coverage while the lenses help in greater penetration and less dispersion. Flashing rates and beam angles can also be controlled.

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